Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Call Tony.

  • So much Tony...

  • Was just amazed to see a 1984 Fiat Strada heading south on the M5. Remarkable to still see one, let alone in winter on salted roads.

  • I’m about to get some Goodyear vector all season2 tyres for the front, they were 15% off on black circles cyber sale at 160 for a pair for the front for my size 20516. Have I made a mistake? It’s for a car that mostly does long drives often in shite winter conditions

  • I think it's recommended to have them front and rear, otherwise you might find yourself with lots of oversteer.

  • Oh poo. Thanks dude.

  • I've managed to confuse myself into not knowing what fucking car I want anymore... Ugh... It all seemed so easy a couple of days ago...

  • I saw a VW ute that I REALLY liked today, double cab, big toolbox and tray... It was even white, very strange, unexpected boner... Really sick rims, should've taken a pic...

    Why the fuck would you need/want one of these?

  • I know!!! Once you're here they just make sense... I'd like to drive along the beach at Bribie Island when the sun's coming up/going down...

    It was diesel and manual anyway...

  • Honda Jazz.

  • I'm a 335i owner. 70k miles and turbos already replace when i bought it.
    Had to rewire the thermostat heating element as someone had crimped the wire (took like 4 hours) and 4 new goodyear f1's have set me back ~£500

    It's a cracking car though. Mine came with jb4, Dual Cone Intakes and Catless downpipes. Dyno sheet for 400hp. I don't think you could go much faster for less. Getting the intakes Walnut Blasted by Turners (twickenham) next week and hopefully an Oil Catch Can for xmas.

  • sweet as T. was a really tidy one on car and classic recently. very rare. shame you didn't get your usual pap from your cab

  • But how much would it have cost you by now if the turbos hadn't been done! Sounds excellent fun though. I'd started by looking at the e92s this time last year, but now have the estate and am looking at kid seats. The 330 is proving enough fun for me anyway, and I'll have to start driving it responsibly in about 8 weeks. Who knows what entertainment'll be around when I'm back looking at 2-doors out the other side.

  • Long high speed runs can cause the tyres to wear at an increased rate, but suspect long runs coming back from Northern Italy were in excess of the speed limit.

  • Drive one and you’ll change your mind for that barbie on the beach moment you’ll realise they’re fuck awful to drive in any other situation.

  • Not when going full guns along the M5😬

  • I'm gonna wind up with something safe and boring, I know it... Boring Joe is thinking a recent Mazda3 hatch is a good bet... Can be had for cheap, don't look terrible, not underpowered, loads of cool options as standard and they just keep going forever... Boring, boring, boring...

  • +1 to mazda 2 or 3, choose any petrol, any gearbox, those things are like cock roaches.

  • Buying a mazda, you might as well buy a ford...

    Currently rocking someone elses Mercedes A class. Top speced and less than 18 months old. Leather interior with heated massage seats! Feels totally disconnected from the road. So far been to gatwick and back.

  • That's what I had thought...

  • Just get a b3 instead, sorted :)

  • Funnily enough it is mistakenly listed as a B3

  • Tell Boring Joe to do one!

  • There aren’t many left. This is my uncle’s cab, probably best in the country, he’s a total obsessive, makes @Dammit look well-adjusted.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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