Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • What size wheels have you got? I e got a set of lightly used winters from my old 130i you could have cheeeeeeap.

  • So, the "immaculate" WRX i went to look at with the intention to buy was mechanically decent with history, but basically every panel apart from the roof was either heavily dented, scratched or had been badly repaired.

    I wouldn't mind, but it was a 5hr round trip

  • Les Menuires is literally down the lane from Val T. Will be clear unless you time with a dump in the night. They get the tractors out first light anyhoe on the main drags. Winter tyres fine imo.

  • Rims are 17". Will have to check the width.

    The problem for me isnt buying winters (though obviously I'd rather not spend if I don't have to) - it's storing them. I live in a 1 bed flat with no outside storage.

  • I don't know about BMW, but if you bought winter wheels from Volvo then they store them for you, and change them over and then store the summer wheels.

  • Ah. I think kwikfit etc do the same, for a price obviously

  • Ended up with the 325i

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  • Lovely. Looks in good nick

  • Ah. I think kwikfit etc do the same, for a price obviously

    My winter tyres are a different size to the summer tyres, and are therefore on a different set of rims - which is a bit of a bugger for storage as I don't know anywhere that'll stash them other than traditional storage places.

  • Woo. N53? I’m contemplating the roof box lyfe for mine atm, but first need to work how low profile I can go with the roof bars without fouling the sunroof.

  • I put roof racks on the golf this week. Noisy!

  • What kind? Thule? I’ve been looking at Whispbar cos they’re apparently super quiet but honestly never noticed any noise from the OEM square ones on the Volvo so I’m confused about how much science needs to be thrown at the problem.

  • N52b25, i don't think budget was going to stretch to facelift. We've always lived the roof box life because of the dog taking up the entire boot. It's very useful, but we've never had sunroofs on any of our cars.

  • I can recommend the Thule Wingbars that I have, but with the caveat that I've not had others - so a zero context recommendation.

  • £££ on the tax! They swapped engines before they facelifted them so there’s a few crossovers. I couldn’t find any LCIs for sensible cash so gave up. Yours at least will sound like a normal car at idle; the diesel-ness of mine when it’s just sitting there makes me sad.

  • £340 a year or something like that? That's peanuts compared to what it'll cost me when i move home to Ireland. Pre-08 cars are taxed on engine size, and for 2.4-2.5 litres, it's €1,080 a year...

  • My 190E has been showing signs of dying for the last couple of years but I've not been able to spend a lot on it to fix it properly.

    It scraped through the previous MOT with a number of advisories, but this time it's failed spectacularly (as pretty much expected).

    The issues being:

    • Serious exhaust leak
    • Ball joints need replacing
    • New tyre needed
    • Windscreen wiper motor broken

    There a few advisories too which would cost a bit - brake pads, etc.

    So basically:

    • Does anyone want a knackered but potential "future classic" for a low price?
    • If not, what's the most cost-effective way of scrapping a car?
    • What could I get for c£1k that could be reliable and better for carrying a baby? (And ideally a bike as well)
  • I'd imagine those are pretty straightforward fixes? You'd definitely fix them for a lot under 1k

  • VW issue. I won’t leave them on the whole time. I am in estate denial.

  • True, but then I'd still have a car my wife hates that I'm not sure is that safe for a child.

  • Can't put a price on child safety

  • There was a sub 100k mile 1.8t vw passat estate on autotrader i briefly considered, would probably have been perfect for you if it was working ok.

  • @Colm89 looking good!

    New wheels fitted today, but they're making a noise on full lock. Compared to the old wheels the rim is 13.4mm closer to the suspension strut and pokes out 0.7mm less than before. Presumably spacers would be the way to go?

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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