Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • New car day too.

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  • Big fan of these, but how will you carry your bike? Or any thing else for that matter?

  • Actually it can fit one bike with careful planning and organising around the rear and passenger seat.

  • Any classic boff's local to Sydenham want a stack of 20+ Octane mags?

  • I'm thinking that a 106 GTI might scratch the itch I've been having for a 205, until I can afford the 205.

    Anyone had experience with them? They're old enough now that I wont look like a boy racer right?

  • I've had a couple of them, and saxo vts' over the years. Great fun little cars but won't be winning any ncap safety ratings any time soon. Good ones are probably few and far between at the minute, and you could probably get a nicer clio 172 or 182 for your money.

  • First time poster in this thread. Recently passed my test and looking to replace our 2005 Skoda Fabia with something that can drive over 60mph without being at a million revs, can actually go around a corner without feeling like it will topple over and has mod cons like central locking and electric windows.

    Wife has no interest in 'big cars' (anything bigger than a golf) - but has been converted to life in a nice car after we rented an 118i m sport shadow in Scotland. Left to my own devices I'd buy something stupid and inappropriate like an impreza, older m3 or m135i. But the reality is that I'm not a good enough driver and would probably kill myself or get my license revoked in a year.

    As a Cervelo owner, clearly I have no taste or sense of value so I was thinking about an 118 or 116 m sport. Can't stand the way the pre 2013 models look, so would be then onwards. Is this a dumb idea? How much mileage is too much on these? The Fabia was 24k when we bought it and has been pretty reliable.

    What else should I consider? I know a golf is a sensible choice, but.. dull.

    Whatever I buy, it needs to be 5 doors as kids will turn up at some point in the next few years. I'd also like it to be reliable and not cost an arm in upkeep.

  • Mercedes A Class. There's everything from a sensible engine up to a daft 4.5l AMG

  • Apparently the pre 2018 ones aren't good. Vague steering, crashy ride etc. Seems a bit like you're paying for the badge. Have you driven one?

    Also thinking a3 - but they're just posh golfs right?

  • Should also add - whatever I buy needs to be kosher in ulez

  • Octavia

  • The 1 series is a better drive then the equivalent A Class .. Although I should add I've not driven the latest version or the hot versions only pre 2018 company cars of both

  • You know you like the 1 series, get one of those and then review things when you have to get a double buggy and two car seats plus luggage around with you- and swap the 1 for a 5 (or whatever) at that point.

  • Congrats! I don't normally like pimped up MR2s, but this kind of works.

    Has it got the standard engine?

    You can get a bike on it with a rack in various ways, some more solid than others. A towbar-style rack using this method to mount it is the most solid and sensible option I've seen:­-carrier-on-mr2-has-this-been-done-befor­e.104610/

    But lack of bike carrying/general carrying ability is what's put me off buying one.

    Plus the fact the other half wants us to get a car with more than two seats, despite the fact every time we have rear passengers they end up complaining about my speed around corners as soon as we hit a decent B road :/

    I just looked up the reg to find out what year it is and given it's age I hope it's had the de cat done. Also having done that I presume you know it's untaxed 😹

  • Peugeot 308 (t9 series).

    Top of the JD power survey for reliability and less faults per 100 cars than most other manufacturers. Good to drive too.

    Not sure what the situation is over there but down here in bogan land no one buys them even though they have full 5 year warranties. A great buy on the second hand market.

  • Civic (Type-R)

  • Yeah, same. I only liked the imported mr-s with their simple body kit, but this one kinda grew on me slowly.

    It has got the standard 1zz-ge engine with a few mods bringing the car from 140 to 160, but because it is a SMT it doesn't feel that quick or responsive at all compared to a manual.

    I had a MR2 before and all i did was slip the frame behind both seats and the wheels in the passenger seat. Worked every time.

    But i do agree it's probably the most impractical car i know, but you only live once and it it was fun driving this car around London and Kent yesterday.

    Have you consider an MX-5 or even a Z4? they're probably more fun and definitely more practical.

  • Also these early engines did suffer from an inherited factory problem where they burnt excessive oil. The Short Block was changed by Toyota main dealer under warranty in 2006.

  • Lol. So ugly. Just not my thing. I've heard they're nice to drive though.

  • Mini Countryman Cooper S (JCW if you're feeling spicy).
    They're extremely overlooked imho and having owned and driven a few new Minis I've always found them to have great handling and with the right spec they're quite plush.
    Available as a hybrid now also and they do a pretty neat OEM rear mounted bike rack that you can fold into the boot when not in use.

    Certainly worth looking into though!

  • Yeah I know- whatever we get is going out the the window at that point. I've tried to make the 'fun car' case but this is as far as I have been able to move the window of conversation. Tbh I'd be really happy with a touring BMW or Merc now - can get more bikes in etc.

  • Interesting. I like minis but always found them a bit close to the floor for something I want to drive all the time. Also bit short on space. Does the countryman have more room?

  • I had an M135i.
    Great fun, but 100% retarded. Novelty completely wore ff once I realised you can no where near use the car to its full potential on a public road without going to jail. Bought it at around a year old. I kept it for 18 months and sold it for £9k less than I paid for it (admittedly, I did part ex, but it was basically impossible to sell privately at a realistic price). It also makes most other road users think you are a total dick, and will annoy your neighbours when you start it up at 6:45 on cold winter mornings.

    I picked up 6 points on my license in those 18 months purely because you can so easily drift up to 90mph+ in it on a quiet stretch of motorway without even noticing you’ve gone over 75.

    If you have just passed you test I would imagine insurance costs for you be eye watering. I have been driving 19 years, and have 4 years NCB, and my insurance was circa £1k a year on a Bristol postcode.

    It was bay far the comfiest car I’ve ever owned by a long way though! All the toys you get at the M spec level are great.

    If I was in the market for something like that again i’d deffo be looking at a 118i with a high spec interior over any of the higher end performance models.

    Make of that what you will.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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