Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Fantastically OTT.

    Date tested
    16 May 2019
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    65,638 miles
    MOT test number
    4147 5070 1799
    Test location
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    Expiry date
    29 May 2020
    Monitor and repair if necessary (advisories):
    Power steering pipe/hose has slight seepage (2.1.5 (a))

    i'd get that fixed...

  • I've just been reading it was the first production car to use a digital instrument panel, and in true 70's-80's UK car manufacturing style the development cost for the electronics alone came to four times as much as the budget for the whole car.

    The dashboard is like the bridge from the Enterprise in William Shatner era Star Trek, it can be seen in Doug Demuro's full geek out on it. Later models also had cathode ray tubes for the instrumentation, LOL. The inside looks comically dated but also amazing.

  • got a lot of love for the Lagonda. remember posting a pic of one on this very thread couple of years back. was the first time I had seen one in the flesh too. epic car

  • And yet no picture....

    Here it is, in all its glory:

  • Looks like you could play a good tune on that / or space invaders

  • Influenced from the film alien?

    Wonder if the lagonda is the one that appears in car day on regents street?

  • E88 or LM?

  • My dad's old Astra had those indicator stalks

  • E88, because racecar

  • Now that shatters the illusion.

  • I have a set of 18” Goodyear winter tyres - I need to find the exact spec, but I think they’re 225 / 40 / 18.

    They had half a winter of use in 2012 and have otherwise been stored in a shed.

    Available to you or anyone for a reasonable forum donation and who can collect from Pangbourne (near Reading). I’m guessing that’s not easily doable from Scotland, though!

  • Thanks for that, I've just found this version too which is stunning. The 80's avocado beige and mahogany combo, amazing. Super stylish Citroen style steering wheel too.

    The ultimate Dammit money pit surely?

  • We had a bathroom that shade of advocado...

    Those red LED display remind me of early LED watches

  • Imagine fiddling around with those buttons while driving. Zero feedback and I bet they're hard to press too

  • Yes, bit like trying to change track on a touch screen.

    Obviously you shouldn't do that whilst driving either.

  • Have you ever seen a car with a touchscreen but without steering wheel buttons for track changing?

  • No, but the temptation is there to operate the touchscreen as it's a great big glowing thing 6 inches away from your left hand.

    There are some functions (eg switch from media selection to radio) that probably can be accessed by a functions menu via steering wheel buttons but are much easier to do by tapping the screen.

    As I said, shouldn't do it but most people will.

  • True.

    Voice control for ftw. Works really well in our car.

  • Yeah, I only tried out voice control after owning our car for nearly two years.

    And was totally surprised when it worked really well!

  • Run michilin Cross climates on a polo, when road temps at high yeah prob wear a bit faster but that's rare in Scotland. Wgat is common in Scotland is 5 to 8c drizzle and standing water, turning to slush and mild snow in winter and in those conditions those tyres are amazing. Last year was using it for all sorts in the worst of it, even when I deliberately tried, it would not get stuck (was a volvo xc with haldex drive on maxxis wintery tyres that got stuck, polo did not, speed bump on a slushy hill.
    No real difference in economy either. Handling is affected, but its not a handling car so who cares.
    If you live north of Perth then yeah maybe full winter and summer tyres

  • It has landed in the UK!

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  • Hot dang!

  • Love the blue

  • I keep getting the radio traffic updates on Sat Nav, which while useful are hardly ever necessary.

    Eyes off the road and try to hit cancel icon.

    ...and like the Lagonda. Zero feedback. 25% Success.


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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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