Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Not sure on the 3.6, but the 3l is (very) good so long as you are watchful of oil levels and quality.

  • Perfect engine for a VW type 2 ;)

  • Ta fella. Will have to investigate. The UK versions look way nicer...still, it's for the missus and it will likely be pleasant to have a little more suspension for the post apocalyptic concrete we drive on here.

  • Ah ok. Not the flat spotting I was thinking about. 😁

  • Could you import one?

    EDIT: Stupid idea as there are alot of emissions stuff.

  • Nah, you can't import shit into CA. Total nightmare.

    As you suggest, all emissions related.

  • Yeah I forgot, thought you could get something cheap with the exchange rate and then remembered.

  • Right. What the fuck is this shit? 😊

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  • 90s Rolls Silver Spirit / Bentley Mulsanne?

  • Tuch. 😎

  • Good job. I was wracking my mind

  • got it back from the garage after a week of them faffing about and doing not much.

    was told it was a major engine fault, would need stripped and turbo replaced (even though it was running fine....) and probably not worth doing as it would be at least a day and a half's labour.

    So, went home, bought replacement MAP sensor, bought a tub of engine flush and a tub of turbo cleaner additive, bought iCar Soft diagnostic tool, do diagnostics, replace sensor, delete error codes, add flush, drive about, all good. Add turbo cleaner, top up, drive about at high revs. Still all good. Total cost about £95.

    For a supposed Fiat specialist I'm a bit confused how a garage can be so fucking useless. Now deliberating on trading it in for a petrol engined Fiorino or Qubo as I doubt I'll be doing the kind of long motorway miles that will keep the DPF and electronics working ok.

  • did you buy it Richie or just helping out storage wise? amazing project if you have taken it on. beautiful little car

  • long story, but i have taken it in storage, in a deal to avoid it being sold on. I have my professional acreditation coming up, after which i should get a significant bump in pay/bonus. I will reassess my sitch at christmas.

    seemed like a good plan to me...

  • sweet dude. nail that accreditation. and line this up as reward. good luck dude

  • What he said! That would be the daddy. Such lovely motors.

  • I'd probably need to let it sit for while. For the price i would pay for it, it is worth is as a little savings account while i finish the b and learn to be a racing driver.

    that's the theory, anyway.

  • Am jealous would really like to have one.

    Better than any savings account. Actually fuck it inheritance. Not wishing anything but a long life.

  • Sound more than clueless more like a rip off.

    Is it a variable vain turbo? Does the turbo have an oil line oil filter/mesh?

    I think the car is ok, with a bit of fucking around so keep using it till it dies.

  • Apparently there are a few 3 series tourings around over here afterall....looking at a 2011/12 over the weekend. Better the devil you know perhaps?

  • Standard waste gate, no vanes or in line filter.

    Seem to be a lot of folk with this diesel engine getting told they turbo's cooked when actually just gunked up with soot or faulty sensors with garages telling them to replace whole turbo, replace ECU, replace DPF and all sorts of expensive and outlandish cures.

    Just seems like an overly complex and ineffective way of trying to make diesel engines seem 'clean' and some owners being sneaky by blanking off the ERG and remapping to get around it.

  • Has @hugo7 sorted the phantom noise?


    (Been away for a few days.)

    A rummage under the axel beam (?) produced this.

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  • That should be attached to your car.

  • There is usually a mesh filter in the oil line to the turbo. The 1.6 ford/psa hdi has issues with bits getting in to the oil and blocking the feed to the turbo.

    DPF can be cleaned out, but then the time to clean out the dpf can be the same as a replacement.

    On the oe software you can force the vehicle in to DPF regen. That means the car doing odd stuff while stopped so the fear is something going wrong.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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