Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Ha! Long shots are your specialty, but this one takes the top spot.

  • I can always drive to the Porsche Centre in Annecy, but that’s just over an hour each way.

  • Loads of s2000 got smashed up as quite a few drivers ran out of talent whilst driving them.

  • The chains are usually good, places like feu vert, nor auto and autobac (to name 3 off the top of my head). These places seem to sell alloy wheels and steel wheels, so should know what they are doing. There doesn't seem to be the upselling culture as you will pay for everything, nothing is free.

    Do you need to know what to ask?

  • Any pointers about replacing leak-off o-rings on diesels? Mines a 1.5 dci replete with plastic componentry. I bought a replacement o-ring on eBay after hearing dealers only sell the whole valve kit. I replaced the old seal/ring trying to be careful but still gauging at the old ring to get it to come off. You could see the old one had perished quite a lot tho. The new ring and everything else got covered in fuel when I popped it on. when I clipped it back in I was disappointed that it didn’t sit in place very securely. So probably still going to have that fuel smell in the car at low speeds. Thanks

  • Anyone ever used Eta Beta alloy wheels?
    Currently having an eye on alpina-style Eta Beta wheels that apparently were made in 1983 and have been restored+repainted. Any advice on purchasing old allow wheels?

  • Probably worth it though, tyre monkies are the worst.

    New tyres recently fitted by local tyre garage (they are as bad as each other), lasted a week before 60-66 mph was impossible due to the shaking, swapped f+r tyres about so I could stomach driving it for a few more days until could get it back to them. Took it in on Friday, asked if they could have a go at balancing them, different staff, different attitude, got it back perfectly balanced, however they put in
    'who the fuck fitted these, weights are on literally the opposite side of wheel to where they are supposed to be a full 180 degrees out, please could you tell us who fitted these'
    You did mate, last week. (well the garage did, not those particular people).
    Drives as it should now.
    Probably going to get my own tyre machine + balancer, used they aren't a lot of money.

  • Have a look at how many balance weights are on them. Lots = fucked.

  • I’m just worried the tyres have flat spots due to standing over winter.

    My GCSE grade C French “vous avez la machine pour la equilibre de roue?” Has worked, or the guy has taken pity on me, one of the two. He’ll look at the car tomorrow.

  • My z3 Coupe and Audi TT

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  • My UKDM DC2 was one of the best cars I've ever owned. The other car at the top of my list was my S1 106 Rallye. I regret letting it go, especially when I sold it for £1250 :-(.
    They might be a little tinny/not quick enough for what you want but it would be a good car to buy now, knowing you'd have money for upgrades and knowing that they will carry on increasing in value.

  • To be honest, the more i sleep on it, the more my budget creeps lower and lower. I always thought when i had a proper job with a decent wage I'd buy a v8 m3. Now I could probably afford one, i simply can't justify one.

    Ultimately what I want a car for right now is a handful of trackdays and the odd spin out of London. A 10k s2000 is probably a bit nice for that, considering it would be bought mostly with a loan.

    I've had all the best affordable 90s and 00s cars (106 gti, 306 gti, clio 172, accord type r, jdm dc2 type r, e36 m3 evo), and probably miss the dc2 and 172 the most. Nowadays a decent dc2 is too expensive imo, and I feel like I've overdone it on the French hatch buzz (sold my 220 trophy in feb).

    I'm looking at what I could buy outright for 2k cash just to have fun in, and keep landing on mx5 or mr2. Heart wants a mk3 mr2 but head says all my mates will laugh at me, despite it having a wicked chassis...

  • MX5's are great, cheap and plentiful. Would highly recommend. The MR2 is supposed to be good to but I think I'd go for an NA or NB MX instead.

  • Mk1 or MK3.

    You could buy my mk3 ;)

    MK3 with the celica et al engine good for 180 with no mods straight off the bat, 50 bhp jump from standard engine.

    Set of gaz coilovers to sort out the handling, Haven't looked at the brakes yet so see what the difference is between the mr and the celica.

  • You have a 2zz mk3?

    A mate of mine back home 2zz swapped a mk3 mr2. Was a wicked car!

  • Have the Mr2 without the engine and the celica to swap the engine and box from.

    Have the gaz suspension too, but think they need to be revalved as they are race spec.

    Am awaiting to take the cars to a friends with a 4 point lift for the engine swap.

  • A mate has just bought himself a new toy, an unrestored '66 912. He is not wrapping it in cotton wool, he drove it to Le Mans. I thought this Porsche loving thread might approve.

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  • Left or right hand drive?

  • He was sat on the right when I last saw it moving.

  • Am being nosey.

  • Will be a smashing car when it's done!

  • The going rate for those varies wildly based on condition but hovers around £45,000 for a good one- dare I ask what he paid?

  • Be cheap speed, free car with a destroyed engine. Lucky find of a smashed up celica with lowish miles.

    Wanted it to be ready for the summer and failed.

  • That's dynamite ! Looks like all kinds of fun!

  • A gentleman never discusses money in public, I will ask if he's in the pub tonight! I doubt he paid over the odds, he and his father are aficionados (they have 3) and he travelled to deepest Cornwall for it, on which basis he may have paid in the Cornish currency of roadkill.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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