Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Surprised garage not figure. If drain thud sounds like a suspension or linkage issue? Are the bushes gone?

  • Yeah man, 2008 facelift, 5 speed auto with paddles. Goes great, handles great. 129k.

    1800 quid.

  • 2500 Scottish pounds

  • Nice Westie. What's that got under the hood?

  • It's 1.8 MX5 based, 5 speed and later limited slip diff. Great fun car, built it 10 years ago and it's be a blast ever since.

  • Blimey, that's a bargain.

  • Coolest thing I’ve seen in a while.

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  • Pretty much bang on 6 months since I watched my clio 220 trophy drive away, and the petrol head in my is craving some more suck squeeze bang blow. The type a massage with a happy ending can't provide.

    Do I regret selling the clio, not at all. It was a superb modern hatch, and I somehow only lost 4k on it in 3 years of ownership. Since selling the arse has fallen out of that market and I could have lost a lot more.

    Do i need a new car. Not at all, we walk everywhere and use zipcar as needed. I live on the z1/z2 border beside a train station so i rent my designated parking space out every day for a healthy profit.

    But, maybe that's the best time to have a stupid car?

    What am i looking at? Iconic jdm screamers. I started out looking at s2000, but with a wife and a greyhound i need some resemblance of practicality, so I've been craving an ek9 or dc2. My problem is, I had a jdm dc2 in Ireland when they were everywhere, and sold it for the going rate of 3500 euro 10 years ago. Now I find it hard to justify 10k for a dc2 or ek9, but nothing else really tickles my testicles the way a noisy high revving 90s hatch does. I've looked at ep3s but they don't have the same level of attraction for me, despite tge lower price tag, improved k20 engine and greater level of creature comforts. I've had so many french cars, and keep coming back to the clio 197, but ultimately want a vtec honda.

    Is there any other high revving naturally l aspirated hatch I should consider under 10k?

  • To be clear, I want something that will manage a trackday every month or two, a ring trip over the next year, and can do the odd run to the shop or out of london for a weekend break. We're moving back to Ireland before end of next year and will be buying a second, sensible car then, so whatever I buy now will eventually be my fun car.

  • Left field solution. Mazda rx8.
    Low powered, high revving. Sublime chassis and quite good on long drives. High fuel consumption but that doesn't matter if it's a "Sunday" car. That hatch space would fit the pooch easily.

  • And a full engine rebuild is 3k iirc, so you may as well buy a borked one and get a fresh rotary

  • Look what’s in my garage!

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  • The b has gone to get engine box and electrics sorted while I study

  • I was hoping you had secretly acquired this.

    One of my college lecturers has a yellow one, he is converting his to electric, he calls it the Lotus Elon

  • Yeh i do love the idea of an rx8, it just doesn't turn me on the way a b/f/k series vtec honda engine does.

    The missus has forbid an ek9/dc2/ep3 on the basis that they look like boy racer cars, but oddly has ok'd the s2000 despite the impractical nature.

  • Alfa 147 GTA . No question.

  • Came across a classic car event in the Alps.

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  • Get the S2000... unless you're buying a classic you'll want to pay heed to tax and insurance in Ireland if you're planning to bring whatever you buy with you...

  • Yeah this is why a 350z or e46 m3 are not on my radar.

    Going shopping for s2000s...

  • Chap i know had a lovely 156 gta when i had an e36 m3. Lovely car but I'd never own one

  • There's a good S2000 owners page on facebook, worth a look, lots of enthusiast cars that have been looked after.

  • Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2

    Looks especially good from the rear, which you'd expect is the view most people would see of it, unless its broken down.

    Hot Datsun

    Pininfarina Lancia Firminia 28

    80's British beef

    And I saw this HHS/anti chariot at a zebra crossing made famous 50 years ago. Loads of custom mods, and I now want a car with a megaphone, perfect for London.­-features/john-lennons-phantom-v-the-sto­ry-of-the-psychedelic-beatle-mobile-2530­88/

  • Any French speakers/anyone who knows Morzine- could you please recommend a garage that could check the wheel balancing on the 911? I don’t want to go to a place that’ll just hammer lead weights to the external rim face, but rather somewhere that’ll look after the car.


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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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