Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Ah right. Sounds like a setting you might be able to disable?

    Might be there, but in light of my experience of using Google Maps it'll take you from now until Doomsday to find how to turn it off. Horrible UI, which seems to change every week to become eversoslightly worse.

  • Be a lot easier if I had a navigator, anyone who can read a map and wants a lift to Morzine please let me know.

  • Yeah actually my last European road trip with Google maps involved it adding its own destination every couple of hours...

  • The magical moment when you loose connection so have no idea where you are.

  • Always download your maps and GPS will get you there with no data usage...

  • Ridewithgps app? Plot the route on your pc, then use the “navigate” function once you have the route loaded in the app. I think this might now be a premium feature for about £6 a month.

  • Be a lot easier if I had a navigator, anyone who can read a map and wants a lift to Morzine please let me know.


  • <100k miles but >50k miles. It's dealing with a lot of power so not surprised that it would have lower life than expected.

    Line is fine, had a new slave cylinder a few months back.

  • Thanks for the replies. Decided to book it in for another look. £40p/h investigation which seems reasonable to me.

    @Dammit - what about going old school with a piece of paper with the cities and route numbers?

  • @Dammit I've done it with Google Maps many times, you just have to put many, many, many waypoints on.

  • Have you checked the ARB links?

  • Saw a mum and a pair of kids driving through Kingston in a nicely patina'd silver 911 Carrera 3.0 coupe, cool af

  • Have you checked the ARB links?

    Is there an easy way to do this?

    Googling also brought this up as a possible reason for the knocking.

  • They can be tricky to diagnose when they are still linked up. I've never looked under a mk6 golf but I am assuming if you know the right end from the wrong end of a spanner and can safely jack a car up they will be pretty easy(famous last words) to remove and check. you'll need both sides jacked up level. Once one end is disconnected from the ARB have a waggle of the joint and see if there is any inward/outward movement or if they are loose.

  • I don't have a proper jack or supports - just the spare tyre one - so it sounds like it's best done by a garage.

  • .

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  • Nice.

    Not been able to enjoy the Alps much in the e class as it's brake judder has reoccurred :( some kind of manufacturing fault with the discs I think as it's only been 3k since they were replaced under warranty. Thankfully braking performance isn't impaired.

  • I’m near Rambouillet at the moment, will be in Morzine for dinner time tomorrow hopefully.

    Are the rotors overheating?

  • On the topic of France, any must stops or particularly lovely routes between Cherbourg and Bordeaux?

  • Doubt it, the judder started before the Alps. They are also considerably bigger brakes than my old 5 series which was similar size and weight etc

    Shout if you come down towards Grenoble/ bourg d'oisans

  • Couple of Rod Emory porches currently at Porsche East London apparently

  • If they move with your hands they are buggered. Try and move them. Any play, replace with decent ones not cheap crap.

    They link the anti roll bar to the struts, has it got a rear anti roll bar?

    Is it urgent or can wait till I'm back in the UK?

  • Just a note as had a few issues with 740, till the hydraulic line burst!!! Replaced with a hefty made up lines from a hydraulic place that was cheaper than aftermarket.

  • The fleet is back up to 3.....

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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