Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Similar thing to @J0nathan, I 'won' a virgin supercar day. Very similar experience. Didn't feel that special or awesome.

    Maybe see if you can hire a classic lambo for the day/half for your dad to drive around on the roads.

  • There’s one particular version of block you can use (the first version of the the five main bearing) for fia reg. the earlier ones are valid but three brg. The one we need was around for a year or two.

  • Cheers. That's useful.

    I think I got one with the passenger extra.

  • Bumping my previous post. If anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate it. Cheers.

    So the noise in my car...

    The sound is coming form the rear driver's side (if you drive over the passenger side there's no noise).

    • The sound is like the noise made when you drive over a manhole cover - sort of heavy metallic du-dum.
    • The sound is made when going over bumps.

    The garage had a good look at the car - taking the underside protective covers off and giving the wheels a good shake. They couldn't spot anything visibly. My OH said that they gave it a pretty thorough looking over.

    We took everything out of the boot (except the spare tyre). I had a good look at the spare and found some loose bolts that I bagged up.

  • How old, and what mileage, is/has the car?

  • It’s good to have the passenger extra - I think I remember that more than the actual driving. It’s all over very quickly and there’s a lot to take in and a lot of other cars driving all around you to be aware of.

  • That sounds like it’s maybe a shock problem. Is it fairly consistent? Or does it get louder/different depending on how big the bumps are? Can you recreate the sound by rocking the car with the clutch or just man handling it?

    Was it an independent garage? Dealer garages and the chains are less than useless.

    • ~35k mk6 golf 4 door auto
    • consistent in the sense that if you go over a bump on the driver side at a moderate speed it makes a noise
    • idk if the size of the bumps makes a difference, I'll check. Going over them slowly enough will prevent the noise.
    • Haven't tried trying to recreate the noise, but apparently the garage gave it a good shake - things like grabbing the wheels when lifted and checking for play.
    • Indy garage. Mrs. H felt they were legit.

    I know noises on cars are notoriously difficult to locate, but it really does feel like it's coming from the rear driver side corner. I still wonder if whatever she drove over it stuck somewhere.

  • Cuanto dinero por favour?

  • Brother in law had one, Series 3. 8 mpg. He'd fill the tank in Croydon, drive to Brighton, half way back he'd have to fill up again. Lovely car though

  • Wheel trims or alloy? If the car has wheel trims is something stuck in there?

    Think you are in the right direction with something trapped.

    I'd look at a loose bump stop or shock shroud.

  • Exhaust heat shield?

  • I'm due back up there soon so will investigate

  • Is there a navigation application that allows you to specify waypoints, for the iPhone, that people have used and can recommend?

  • Yeah google maps. I used it driving to Denmark and back, quite a weird feeling setting a destination thats 900km away at a time. Also lets you decide if you want to avoid toll roads etc. I prefer it to Waze and so do many of the uber drivers I've spoken to

  • Problem with Google maps is I want to go a specific route, and it won't allow you to specify a route - just a destination (or series of destinations).

    Now, I can put in "Dreux, Rambouillet, Troyes, etc", but it will then bring me to the centre of each of them, when I really want to go straight past them.

  • I think @Dammit is asking for one where you can select the minutiae of the route rather than just selecting the quickest etc.

  • You asked for an app that lets you specify waypoints...just put the waypoints on the outskirts of town? Why do you want to go near but not into these towns?

  • I’d use junctions as waypoints in that case.

  • You can use Google maps on a laptop to specify a route, then send it to your phone and it will direct you.
    I use it for cycling - I ask for an A-B route, then drag it around to nicer roads and send it to my phone.

  • You asked for an app that lets you specify waypoints...just put the waypoints on the outskirts of town? Why do you want to go near but not into these towns?

    I'd like to take specific roads (such as the D996), which Google will do if I select "no highways", but I'd like to take some highways. Ideally, I would be able to plot a route as I do for cycling, and then send it to my phone and follow that.

  • I've tried doing that, it then updates the route on the fly to make it fast/faster, which is absolutely what I want it not to do

  • Ah right. Sounds like a setting you might be able to disable?

  • I've never used any apps for an iPhone since I've never owned one, but I used to use CoPilot for navigating fixed routes and that always worked pretty well. Whether or not its better than the equivalent TomTom or Garmin apps I couldn't say though.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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