Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • and this!

    there are some amazing cars in that auction...

  • I always wondered whether these would benefit from the fitting of castors on the two front corners?

  • This is temporary, ok?

  • I've managed to get a bit lower in the car, finally feels like I'm in the right place:

  • @Dammit

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  • I’ll turn those inserts early next week, flying back tonight

  • That would be great- I’m going to a Porsche meeting tomorrow morning and so kludged it temporarily

  • I've been to a couple of the historics auctions. Always a good selection of cars but the cars always seem to go for more than I think they should.

  • After being stuck in insane traffic all morning, I need to rant about the trend toward large cars in London.

    It's fucking ridiculous! Whether it be SUVs, wanker barges, or those fucking stupid oversized German coupes meant for the US market like the A5. Why do you have such a large fucking car in an old city like London?!? Even worse almost none of them had more than one occupant.

  • The only time to drive through London is between 21:00 and 05:30, unless you want to spend most of the journey hating life.

  • London is not alone. 4WD types everywhere. Oddly, mostly in white.

  • It's probably just me being an entitled motorcyclist assuming there should be space to filter.

    But there were two proper carnage situations where people were trying to take shortcuts down small roads and the cars couldn't pass because they were all so fucking massive.

    @TGR - the thing is when you move properly outside London there is at least a possibility you might see the advantage of a bigger car.

  • The Facel a real dream car.

  • Cars are getting bigger....

  • I have a big car and am pondering buying a smaller one. Parking spaces have actually shrunk where I am and I can only park in an end space for fear of being blocked in by other cars.
    Driving used to be fun. I used to think if I won the lottery I’d buy a fancy car. I have changed that to - if I win the lottery, I’ll get someone to drive me about.
    Sad really.

  • Although the Landy does come with a starting handle (natch), having used it for the first time last Saturday in B&Q car park, in sweltering heat with a load of timber on and a small audience, I wasn’t in a hurry to do it again. 20W solar panel and charge controller should keep it topped up.

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  • An isolator switch can be a worthwhile investment in a series 3, presuming you don't already have one?

  • In Portugal for a couple of weeks and already spotting rare classics...

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  • Ooh, Skoda!

  • To prevent ‘vampire’ loads I suppose? Or anti-theft?

    The wiring in this jalopy is bodged to high heaven. Several things are permanently live (brake and reverse lights discovered so far), others ignition controlled, and still more (fuel gauge, horn) enlivened by an independent rocker switch. Might be better to start again...

  • Only because people are willing to buy them.
    I find this thread increasingly frustrating as it purports to be about car engineering yet good engineering should consider efficiency and the environment. There's not a whole lot of discussion about those aspects beyond what the most fashionable SUV is. We all are cyclists I believe, yet purchasing bigger cars that are rarely if ever full, diesel too. These are things largely incompatible with cyclists aren't they?
    I'm guilty too, we are a two car household although really only one driven at a time but I know I should do more. We have a mid size petrol crossover which will be replaced by something smaller this year. The other is the Abarth 595 which I far prefer due to its size and cos its fun too.
    Rant over, I think it's the heat and that seemed to bring out some bad driving yesterday on my bike commute.

  • These aren't as difficult to look after as you would imagine. – the bolts that hold the wheel together are not on the exposed metal you can just give the lips a little rub with metal polish whenever you wash the car. RM & RS series wheels are a nightmare, you have to clean between each bolt by hand!

    • Clear powdercoat will chip, let water in and then flake off
    • Laquer won't stick to polished metal
  • Seen any UMM yet? I had a chat with an owner near Lisbon when I was there last and they're starting to go up in value apparently.

  • Last night I learned not to go to garages I don’t know... 3 studs sheered and the remaining two had loosened off to finger tight. I assume somebody went too hard with the Ugga Dugga.

    I was doing XXmph on the m4 when I felt a wobble and heard what sounded like I had a puncture and pulled over to find this. I reckon I was maybe 20 seconds away from total disaster.

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  • Not yet but I’m keeping an eye out.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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