Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • That does sound annoying.
    It's like they have no conviction in their use case- they've put something in their car they believe to be dangerous when used, so instead of stopping you use it they ought to remove it.

  • Yes good shout, end up with quite a few different hire cars and all an utter ballache to do simple things, like change the temp, volume, direction of air. Sometimes (peugeot!) needing as many button presses to change direction of air as you need to do something like disabling the parking lights when you lock the thing.

  • Sounds like they need sensors to detect hands on the wheel, both hands=> no timeout?

  • But then you could just wrap one arm around the wheel to fool it.
    Or drive with your feet.

    I mean... anything is possible.

  • I think cars were better when they weren't ipads with engines

  • le wrong generation

  • What technology makes the car safer for the people (cyclists) you ram into? Auto braking and lane control are the only things I'd think would help

  • I thought that cars have crumple zones and shape modifications for pedestrian impacts now. They certainly rate cars for pedestrian safety now days. I could well be wrong though.

  • Higher bonnet lines, like on an SUV are meant to be 'good' as I suppose it spreads the impact over a bigger area rather than focusing it in on your legs?

    All a bit morbid though.

  • It’s so when the pedestrian or cyclist hits the bonnet the bonnet doesn’t hit the engine, but rather dimples inward absorbing the force - or rather some of it.

    Aston Martin, from memory, had to have struts that fired the bonnet upward in the event of a crash in order to meet the pedestrian frontal impact test of the dummy not striking the engine.

  • \as do Jaguar on the i/e pace.
    Also change in position on impact to reduce fall height/ change where the impact is on the legs.
    Its actually super fascinating.
    XC40 has extra space under the hood and a cushion over the engine.

    I hear they also fire helmets at it.

  • I wondered how James was earning a living these days

  • This is an utter pain in the arse for us because we don't use the touchscreen when's always the front passenger using the touchscreen.

    You have to remember you are a probably a responsible minority though. But I agree from a design point of view why put it there if you have no faith it's safe to use?

    I find these complex Audi-style centre centre consoles petrifying and I find it incredible they're legal really. It's not a plane, you can't take your eyes off the road while it flies along for a bit on autopilot. I know when I drive I find any fiddling with buttons in the centre massively distracting.

  • Deep functions can be mapped to hardware buttons on the steering wheel menus that show on the dashboard.

    How many people are actually going to do this/work out how to do it though?

  • Few probably. It was really easy, but I just don't think people ever investigate or customise their interfaces.

  • Saw this today and screeched to a halt to take a pic. As I was drooling at the side of the road the owner returned. I asked him what model it was as I didn't recognise it. He said it was a 1954 Bentley Continental Fastback, and he opened the boot to show me it had been signed on the inside of the boot lid by the previous owner, Eric Clapton. Imagine the rock and roll shenanigans that went on in the back of this.....

  • top 10!

  • Eric Clapton

    Get the fuck away from that car. Don't say you weren't warned.

  • Imagine all the racist bantz taking place in that car!

  • Eric Clapton is single-handedly behind every airplane related celebrity death since 1959.

    There's no evidence to suggest he wouldn't use a car.

  • I've never really enjoyed watching drifting on tracks/yards much but this is insane.­5_o

  • One angry Nissan.

  • Any instructors here or anyone know of decent instructors in North London?

  • Eric Clapton is single-handedly behind every airplane related celebrity death since 1959.

    There's no evidence to suggest he wouldn't use a car.

    Not that i'd forgive him, but that is one beautiful car

  • Reviews suggest the new Audi system is quite good.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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