Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Do fellow owners routinely uprate the rear suspension to cope with the change in weight distribution?

  • One on the right has the correct fitting for a Porsche seatbelt receiver, one on the left has the correct bolt pattern to fit to my seat base. See the problem?

  • There's probably enough room to slot the holes:

    But it'd leave very little metal to prevent pull-through, which is why I'm loathe to go that route.

  • Latest pics of my chaser, still waiting on the DVLA to get the v5 to me :( just wanna drive the bloody thing.

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  • There’s quite a lot of talks on forums about adding air suspension to the rear. I assume it’ll stiffen it up and raise the rear end, but I struggle to see how it’ll solve the weight distribution issue?

  • Ha, I've never even driven a pick-up. I'm guessing the standard leaf spring suspension is rated for filling the load bed with 'stuff', not with an overcab 'Toppola'-style caravan.
    Just thought uprated suspension might cope with the additional weight and moment(?) from the rear overhang better.

  • Been googling air suspensions all evening. Seems like the way to go. About £600 and it’ll level the car back up to normal height and also increase stability etc.

  • What is the added weight of the camper back? Surely not more than the ton bag of ballast my pickup regularly carries (you do know it's there!). In fact, every pickup I have owned handles better with 100kg or so in the loadbay, it stops the rear stepping out through bends, fun as that might be.

  • Thanks bud.....It's fun chavving a modern car!

  • Yeah got a lot of time for that. V rare these days too

  • True that. An old mate of mine had a Ford P100 for a bit and it was hilarious / terrifying with nothing in the back. Backwards around the hammersmith gyratory more often than not.

  • The camper weighs 500kg unloaded according to the manufacturer, and I think we add at least 200kg of stuff with mattresses, clothes, food, water etc.

    I weighed the whole thing when we were out and we totalled 2640kg incl passengers. According to some sites the car itself weighs 1400kg while others says 1910kg. I guess it's somewhere in between. Either way, we're withing the legal limits at least :)

  • Have you tried adding air suspension on a pickup?

  • still looking at honda jazzs for a small run about.
    However, a friend's dad runs a garage and knows my criteria, and said I can have a 2L diesel mk5 golf (56 plate) with okay service history, 110k miles, newish cam belt and 12 months mot for £900. Seems like a reasonable deal and he's doing me a favour, so I wouldn't want to offer him any less than that.
    Is it worth me trying to negotiate to get cost price servicing or tyres if it needs it or hasn't been done recently (oil change, oil filter, air filter, spark plugs ) so it will hopefully run perfectly for 1-2 years?

  • Can you not just get a seatbelt insert turned up and welded onto the other bracket?

    It's just a top hat with a 7/16 thread inside it no?

  • My favoured air suspension fix has always been a few extra psi in the rears if I know I will be carrying a ton bag! Combined with not blasting around roundabouts at full speed, this works just fine.

  • Do you need to drive in London on a regular basis?
    It'll probably run for a long good time, but I doubt it'd be ULEZ compliant.

  • @eyebrows no, I live in the midlands so that's no issue :)

  • AFAIK the ULEZ rules in london are being expanded to most cities - it'll be in Birmingham next year for example, and I doubt that one will pass. I think diesels need to be newer than 2015?

  • Feels so much better, seats could do with one more go but they look fabulous compared to the way they were... Didn't really wanna sit in them... My one mistake was buying a 'new car smell' Little Tree... Man, that thing pushes out a lot of pong!!!

  • u no it makes sense.

  • @n3il I am moving to Derby from Sheffield with work this month. Can't see it being introduced in Derby (will check) and I usually get the train between Derby and Sheffield when I am between the two so hopefully will be okay even if they introduce it there

    Edit: After 2020 the ‘most polluting’ buses, taxis, coaches and lorries will be discouraged from driving in areas of Birmingham, Leeds, Nottingham, Derby and Southampton where air quality problems are seen to be ‘most serious’. However, the five Clean Air Zones (CAZs) will not affect private car owners, unlike London’s ULEZ.­ean-air-zones-set-five-english-cities-20­20/

  • For what it's worth, we've got a 56 Golf, and it's been totally maintenance free for years (compared to my '06 Focus, which has needed a number of maintenance issues fixing). Not a diesel though. I'd buy another one .
    I'd hope it's worth a bit more than £900 though, so your's seems like a good price.

  • Ha... Mother-in-law keeps threatening to buy us sheepskin seat covers like the ones in her new Corolla, she craycray, lol...

    Blick, natch...

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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