Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Here's something different

    Perhaps the pun needs explaining: the 'car' was made in a village called Torcy.

    'caisses a savon' = soap boxes.

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  • 'constant attention'

    This is becoming an increasing problem with my own 'actual' (see above) 2CV.

    I don't have it because I want people to like me, and wave at me. I just have it because it's fairly cheap to run and I can usually understand the problem when it goes wrong.

    Also with the back seat removed (takes about 30 seconds) it's easy to put a bike in it.

    However, the attention is becoming increasingly irritating.

  • As I trundled up the A21 on Saturday I wondered what was the cause of the holdup. Horsebox? Caravan? Nope, a pair of mint 80s Ferraris. Their owners weren't doing anything remotely involving driving, just sitting in them and progressing slowly whilst holding up people who wanted to go shopping in their family cars. I finally got past them, with a hint of flat 6 howl, on the first stretch of dual carriageway. There was no smile on the saloon bar/19th hole of private course faces, just a horrid smug expression. Why d0n't you just drive a Micra, you joyless pompous old cunts?

  • This seem reasonable?
    56plate Astra VXR

    Hi moocher, 2 part bumper new GM £577
    Paint and materials £270
    Head light £120
    Labour £150
    £1117.00 + VAT
    note: there might be more damaged behind the bumper etc that we can’t see until we strip apart.
    This would be extra.

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  • Seems reasonable, assume you have already considered second hand parts.

  • And consider selling the broken one. Vauxhall boys love body fillering a bumper smooth and it might get a few quid

  • Rally school day 1.
    Sideways is fun.

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  • Where are you doing your rally course out of interest?

  • awesome. bet that Escort was massive fun

  • Anyone knowledgeable about suspension / odd distant feelings from the rear???
    The rear end of my car is acting strangely - hard to describe but there is movement when cornering. I have had the alignment checked twice. First time the guy said the rear was badly out. Yesterday the guy said one rear wheel was out. He corrected it. (Toe out 4mm)
    I still feel some weird movement but it’s not as bad as it was.
    I would describe the feeling as having a weight in the boot. When you corner it feels like the weight moves to to outside. Once the car straightens, it feels like the weight moves to the inside causing instability. The weight acting like a pendulum. Any ideas?? Hope this makes some sense.
    Next option is new tyres - current tyres are fine and not badly worn or misshapen - some wear to the inside but still legal - tyre guys checked them and said they are fine.

  • Maybe some of the rubber bushings of the rear suspension are worn out or the shocks are blown causing this "springy" feeling?

  • Sorry. Should have mentioned - mechanic has checked everything - no issues.

  • ah - that is what I thought. Sorry then! Is it happening when cornering in both directions ore in one only?

  • It seems both. But left is worse. Although I go around a lot of roundabouts.

  • It’s called London Rally school, and is ace. Good people working there.

  • What is the vehicle?

  • A6 saloon

  • Day 2: mud.

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  • That looks like a lot of fun. Very jealous.

  • View from the drivers seat:

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  • Swapped the 12” lipstick Mountney for a 15” three-spoke. Drives sooo much better, like not pumping iron! 17” is standard but it does encroach on knee and elbow room from memory.

    Broke my off-roading cherry too. Straight through our fucking garden pond. Yesss.

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  • Looks awesome, where are you based? Can hit you up next time we go off roading if you like.

  • love the dash in general. the agricultural switches, the graphics are ace. I wonder where the horn is though

  • I’m near Hertford, Herts. Not sure if that’s any good for you guys? I’d love to but be warned i’m a total novice, cautious Dad. Ain’t got a winch neither but I s’pose if someone else has its probably okay.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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