Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • but I'm not skilled enough to do that (yet)

    If you can build a bike, you can change brake pads

  • Is this a precursor to you trying to make me join the navy?

  • If you can fix a bike you can fix a...


  • Are they discs all round or drums in the rear?

    Changing disc pads is something you'd definitely be able to do, drums are a bit more involved but easy enough still. How's the pedal feel? Is it at all spongy as it may be time for a bleed or fluid change.

    I get pretty paranoid about brakes these days because when I was in NZ I had a total brake failure and put my little 4x4 corolla through a fence and then ended up on a sandy beach!

  • I get pretty paranoid about brakes these days because when I was in NZ I had a total brake failure and put my little 4x4 corolla through a fence and then ended up on a sandy beach!

    Crikey. Could you pull the handbrake for a save in that situation? Handbrakes are often cable operated are they not?

  • Honestly, couldn't tell you. I can do bikes but my car knowledge is non existent. Yeah pretty spongy, would a bleed be possible on the roadside? Just need to watch some youtube videos i guess

  • Advice needed pleeeeease.
    I bought a 2018 Skoda Fabia about 6 weeks ago. The EPC light came on this evening. Don't know why. The car still runs but in EPC/limp mode (revs are all over the place and it's juddering). What is the best course of action?

    1. Get it recovered?
    2. Drive it in EPC mode to the nearest approved repair place (8 miles away...)?

    Obviously the car's only just over a year old. Is this likely to be covered under warranty from Skoda?


  • Not really, I was breaking hard going into a corner after coming down a pretty steep hill descent and the piston in one of the rear drums popped out causing total loss of pressure. Nek minnit... on beach.

  • Definitely doable by the road side but easiest if the road is flat, it's a fair bit less delicate than bleeding bike brakes. I'd offer a hand but I'm rarely in the country these days.

    Here's a good video.­RJc

  • In theory it should allow you happily to get to the nearest garage- thats what it is for. But if you have Breakdown cover - use it.

  • All 6N polos have drums on the rear (in the UK). They have self adjusting shoes and are notoriously shit.

    When they stop self adjusting, the brake pedal gets longer in travel and it makes them feel rubbish. I’d be tempted to chuck a new set in and give all 4 brakes a bleed / a full fluid change if it’s not been done in the past 3 years

  • I thought car systems had dual lines so that a failure should only take out 2 brakes i.e. front L and rear R

  • Hopefully you knowledgeable lot can help me... I've got a Mk5 Golf R32, I noticed both my rear tyres are significantly much more heavily worn on the inside edges than the outside. Like, from the outside edge they look fine but looking from kneeling down at the rear of the car there's metal belt showing through the inside edges. I've had two new tyres fitted today.

    Both rear springs were replaced in October last year during MOT as they were knackered.

    Is this tyre issue likely to have stemmed from the springs being knackered, or is there something else that'd likely need doing? It was serviced last November and nothing was picked up/mentioned then.

    Do I need a 4 wheel laser alignment etc or should I take it to a trusted VAG tech first to see if there's something else worn out?


  • The speedo is great but there are a few kms difference between what my phone says and what my car says, at least 4-5kms p/hr... Good to have that alert when you're going over the limit...

  • Would fitting discs all round be ridiculously expensive? Doubt the brakes have been bled so would probably be easier to start with that

  • Mine has a rear disc conversion, you can directly swap all the parts from a later GTI model straight over. I think I paid £120 for a complete 2nd refurbed setup? It’s quite an easy conversion really

  • I'd have thought that the place that swapped the springs would have then done an alignment, but that to one side, uneven wear is a classic sign of an alignment issue.

    If you take it to a place with a Hunter alignment rig they should tell you if any parts are borked

  • That’s my understanding too but at the moment which it failed I ran out of
    Composure and lost enough power that I couldn’t stop or make the turn I wanted to so ended up through the fence. We returned later in the night and drive it home mostly along the beach using a combination of handbrake and light foot braking.

  • You need an alignment. Specifically your camber is wayyy off.

    Reasons to have really bad camber:

    • Needs basic alignment, but this would be surprising to me based on how bad it sounds.

    • If the car is lowered it can be hard or even impossible to reach the correct camber without camber plates.

    • if your rear subframe is shifted then it can be impossible to camber correctly on one side only, and if the previous alignment tasker was not up for the challenge of fixing subframe position, then he / she may have focused on symmetry instead making both sides limited and poorly cambered.

    • A$$hole "fitment" with spacers and tucking the wheels.

    Based on your description of the tires your alignment is probably way way off and I would not be surprised if there was more to the story than a basic alignment.

    Long story short take it to a good VW shop who cares about these cars or else you'll probably be chasing your tail.

    I've been through this and had to basically call around basking a bunch of shops near me who would take the time to properly center my subframe before alignment. Finally for it done and made all the difference in the world.

  • fair bit less delicate than bleeding bike brakes

    Probably the most frustrating job I've ever done on bikes but this is good to hear. Will the drums be cable operated?

  • Only the handbrake is cable, the drum itself is on a split hydraulic circuit with the front

    It's a bit like if you had a disc braked bike, but you have a brake lever with a reservoir with two outlets, one to the front and one to the rear, and the size of the caliper controls how much force is applied to each brake

  • Thanks! I'll get it booked in.

    Should've clarified as well, car is completely stock. Not lowered, no spacers or tucking etc.

  • Seen some good advice on here and I am in a similar situation to some others.

    I need to get a 1.4-1.6 ish (no bigger) petrol run about that may also do 2x cornwall trips a year from the midlands. Got about 2-4k to spend on something that won't be a money pit, won't be too expensive to insure and will be fine on fuel. Thinking some kind of 2004-2009ish golf/polo/leon/ibiza

    Any ideas? Cheers

  • then may be only an alignment but sounds really way off. probably fixable without new parts though.

    by the way is it a good example of an R32? post pics.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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