Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Did the vibrations increase or change when you increased speed?

  • No. Really weird. Seemed constant regardless of speed or revs.

  • Although possibly got more pronounced as I was flooring it trying to keep speed up going uphill.

  • bit short ruddy notice. where were you planing on going?

    forum countryside alliance tally-ho jolly hockeysticks barbour and hunter wellies hoo ra soon?

  • Last clue is that with possible electrical issue in mind, I turned off the aircon for the last hour of the drive home and the fault never recurred.

  • Did the Check Engine Light come on, or flicker?

    First thing I’d look at is MAF, if I didn’t have a code reader- code readers are cheap btw and a good thing to have in order to see what the car thinks is wrong.

  • Dual mass flywheel?

  • No engine lights. Nothing definitive from the mechanic’s code reader but he said the alternator was giving odd readings

  • Speaking of code readers, can you recommend one? I've tried to get a friends obd reader talk to my mazda but they didn't get aling

  • Take it to the local Nissan garage and say “make fix”?

  • No idea about the flywheel, sorry. No engine lights came on. Nothing on the mechanic’s code reader. He said the alternator was giving weird readings tho

  • Oh I will. Just thought the car thread hive mind might know what was up

  • perfect first car I reckon dude. just enjoy it and wait for it to let you know when you need to get your hands dirty

  • Just a random thought, it could be a belt issue. The belt which drives the alternator may drive the power steering and the air con. The issue may lie there. A mechanic should be able to sort it. I’d doubt its a DIY fix.
    Best of luck with it.

  • My merc was much older than yours, but when it had a sudden loss of power, bit like a hickup, it was the ignition coil. My mechanic thought it was the MAF sensor so got a new one for £400 but no difference. The ignition coils were cheap but placed under the inlet manifold so would apparently cost a lot to swap as it would take a long time. I sold the car instead.

  • Gonna go to tykeswater (radlett) just to get ready and get an idea for condition because I've been out of the country all year then probably head a bit further NE into herts.

    I'll keep you, @malandro and @sacredhart in the loop when we head out next time.

  • Perfect first car, you gonna do any mods of keep it sensible and maintained?

  • Seems a waste of money modding a car like this. I'll likely move it on in 2-3 years so dont want to invest in it. Would like a proper stereo/speaker system but thats about it. Any other mods/fixes will be to keep it running smoothly and efficiently

  • Speaking of speakers...this is what the boot looks like. Can I simply connect the wires? Does it need an amp or something in between?

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  • I turned off the aircon for the last hour of the drive home and the fault never recurred.

    Ac compressor issue maybe... Bearing failure or simply belts are slipping. The compressor is probably driven off the same belt as alternator so would explain odd readings.

    Otherwise sounds like a slipping clutch but that would not come and go.

  • In Pathos, Cyprus on holiday at the moment and so many nice 90's Japanese cars, presumably still around from the lack of rain. Honda EGs, EKs, Integras, Celicas Isuzus, Evos and evens Skylines it's amazing.

  • Is it a dumb idea to change shocks (and strut bearings etc.) on an old car (29yo) but that has low mileage (~65,000 km)? I know shocks are typically more defined with a life span in kilometers/miles and not by an age which is why I wondered if it was still worth a change

  • My Caddy has had some vertical correction therapy!

    I've already fitted Audi S-Line half leather seats, and insulated, deadened and carpeted the rear...The 19" alloys should be getting their rubber today!
    I haven't modded a car for nigh on 25 years and I'm enjoying it muchly!

  • Which engine is it? the 1.4 or 1.0?

  • 1.0, '998cc' according to insurance. Yeah its slow as shit but handling is fun because of the short wheelbase. Having said I dont want to mod it, im not considering a couple of minor upgrades to make the car a bit more usable. Central locking and power steering would be nice !

    Anyone know of any good forums/sources of info that would help for these cars? Only to stop me asking a million questions in here

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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