Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • I’m a fan but then again I think Subaru’s, straight pipes and turbo flutter are cool...

  • This is awesome. What are you thinking for the wheels? It definitely needs something wider/more offset.

  • Have secured these Rotas off the importer, the fitment is gonna be pretty aggressive but I think it should work with some arch rolling.

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  • Wait, People think Subarus and BOV flutter aren't cool?

  • Saw this the other day. As well as a chop-top lwb defender which I didn't manage to pap.

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  • This old muscle bike was parked up next to it too.

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  • On the note of slightly cheaper registrations:
    has some for around the £140 mark
    Additionally- I very much like the fact that AP15TAG is available- which in plate font looks appropriate.
    We avoided the '69 plate- which was good news. The Volvo is great.

  • .

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  • Cool... Still haven't made it in there. Wonder if the boys will drop in?

  • AP15TAG

    My fav of recent times was VB16POO on something brown and smelly (VAG diesel something).

  • I’m very jet-lagged so was the first customer at 12, first to pay and leave, and at my hotel asleep not long after- so maybe, but not whilst I was there.

  • It’s now 00:49 local and I am about to go and run around the harbour.

  • Ace.
    @Dammit- you lucky man, I love that city. If you get a chance get to the various lido's around the place. And though I doubt you'll need it- the best workspace I found was
    So good.

  • Any tyre recommendations for my 159 SW?

    210bhp and front wheel drive.

  • Four and a half bucks for a chicken wing? Really? Wow...

  • Dude, $ydney

  • Yeah, I know... 💸💸💸

  • Drool.....

  • $4.50 for a chicken wing in Sydney, but back in London petrol is $2.70 per liter, so some you win and some you lose

  • Anybody in london fancy a spot of greenlaning this evening, suitable for really any 4x4.

  • The most boring new car day this forum has seen. A complete lemon but my first car so no doubt I will fall in love with it over time. Sort of want to use this as a way of learning to maintain a car, any tips/things to look out for? Its on about 95k which isnt too bad for a ~20 year old car

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  • Cant tonite but would do in the future!

  • Not tonight but potentially at some point in the future

  • Sorry to ruin the sexy car chat with a boring q about a boring car but i’m Stumped. 62 plate Qashqai 1.6 petrol, manual, suddenly started to misbehave on the motorway today. Started to vibrate, like driving over a bad section of road and it felt like it was losing power or being affected by friction, almost like the handbrake had come on, the vibration built to a judder and I was stuggling to keep it going. Dipping the clutch or putting it into neutral didn’t result in rapid deceleration but neither did it alleviate the vibration. When in neutral the engine seems to rev freely and normally. The vibration is a constant drone that seems unaffected by whatever the engine is doing. Putting back in gear just resumed the sensation of lost power and struggling to maintain momentum. Very weird. Happened four or five times, each for a minute or two then just seemed fine.

    Thought misfire but the engine seems to rev fine when not under load. Detected a whiff of clutch so though that maybe but doesn’t explain why vibration continues is neutral right?

    Called out green flag and the mechanic ran a few tests and said it might be the alternator?

    Any ideas?

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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