Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • yeah love that dude. been watching it on Car and Classic for some time. too rich for me though. and would opt for a more standard GS. not that there is much that is standard in those lovely old Citoens

  • cheers mate.


    Expensive, extremely rare, hard to service, no spares available. Interesting, no?

    That is extremely cool.

  • Worth going to walk round this place if you're staying nearby. I stumbled across it wandering after work when I was there last October. Ending up having a good chat with one of the guys there, mainly about a brown espada they had in.

  • This one

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  • That is so cool.
    I love Lambo's of that era .

  • japan dominated the 70s small coupe game. the godzilla-onwards period was cool, but look at the amazing small, rusty cars they coughed up when britain and america were producing dross. even the cheap. cooking spec cars were ace.

  • i have a bit of a boner

  • The 2000gt is one of my all time favourite cars.


  • With DSs being so expensive now it coud be a good time to buy a clean GS/CX. Even Méharis seem to go for silly money now.

  • Is the engine close enough to the NSU to use spares from that?

  • Anyone clued up about 2001ish Ford rangers / Mazda b2500? Going to check one out on Friday. If all goes to plan it’ll be our camping vehicle for the summer

  • spot on dude. love a lot of 80s and 90s Japanese stuff too but this era totally kills it. I would even stick Celica's and Datsun 120Y coupes in there too. hard to find the 70s ones these days though

  • @Colin_the_Bald how is the Z4 healing up? Been looking into them and think one could be a contender if I don't go down the practical route next.

    A 3.0si roadster looks like a lot of car for the money... Basically a posher (& faster) version of my MX5.

  • We need you to build your track day car around one of these please.

  • In spite of the fun and games in the hairdressermobile, I am missing the Z4. The assessor is turning up on Monday and hopefully the repairs will get the ok. A new genuine wing and paint is only £1100, so even if they write it off I shall buy it back. You really should drive one, they offer huge bang for the buck. I was looking for an MX5 (but couldn't find a good one for the price asked) when the chance came up to buy the Z4, they are very different cars. The spartan interior is similar, the performance certainly isn't.... MX5s are definitely more chuckable, but the Z4 never seems to run out of grip, it is just less instinctive. The power of the Z4 is just impressive to those of us who can't afford a supercar or a steroid injected Jap. Let us know what you think if you get to test drive a Z4, but I challenge you to operate the windows without looking at the switches!

  • That's not a sleeper.

    That's a sleeper. 😎

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  • That 3.0 n/a engine is an absolute peach, sounds glorious and pulls like a train to the redline. I’d love one in a Z4, mine’s a 130i

  • what counts as jdm?

    Yeah yeah, should have said Japanese car.
    There's loads of cool cars over the years but they have lost the plot recently

  • @Colin_the_Bald Yep agreed I'll never be able to afford a supercar, or want to buy a 10k+ car. Was set on a 3 series or Volvo estate but the more I've read into the Z4 3.0 the more I like the sound of it. Every review online has mentioned the bags of grip, tempted by the coupe with its supposed improvement in stiffness etc but having the roof down is an easier to sell to Mrs Jambon.

    @StevePeel just the idea of 2 extra cylinders is exciting, although filling it up will be less so.

  • what year z4 is the one to look out for?

  • I'm not the resident Z4 expert but for me personally 06 - 08. Reason is this is when the 3.0si was introduced which had 261bhp as opposed to the 'standard' 3.0 with 228bhp. Also from what I've read smart money is on the 3.0is over an M coupe/roadster which some people report as being quite hard to live with. Having said that the 3.0 looks like a fantastic car as it is.

  • yarp. this seems to echo your sentiments regarding the M series.­ed-review/n788/recommendation

    at least this thread has disabused me of my TT pretentions, and i do rather like the look of this beasty.­4257300258?location=Taylor%27s%20Ln,%20L­ondon%20SE26%206QL,%20UK&quoteref=0e3e3d­d5-fc67-434f-8bf2-7f7972c83e7b

  • Anybody going to Supercar Sunday at Stonor House near Henley this weekend ?

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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