Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • That's not a sleeper.

    That's a sleeper. 😎

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  • That 3.0 n/a engine is an absolute peach, sounds glorious and pulls like a train to the redline. I’d love one in a Z4, mine’s a 130i

  • what counts as jdm?

    Yeah yeah, should have said Japanese car.
    There's loads of cool cars over the years but they have lost the plot recently

  • @Colin_the_Bald Yep agreed I'll never be able to afford a supercar, or want to buy a 10k+ car. Was set on a 3 series or Volvo estate but the more I've read into the Z4 3.0 the more I like the sound of it. Every review online has mentioned the bags of grip, tempted by the coupe with its supposed improvement in stiffness etc but having the roof down is an easier to sell to Mrs Jambon.

    @StevePeel just the idea of 2 extra cylinders is exciting, although filling it up will be less so.

  • what year z4 is the one to look out for?

  • I'm not the resident Z4 expert but for me personally 06 - 08. Reason is this is when the 3.0si was introduced which had 261bhp as opposed to the 'standard' 3.0 with 228bhp. Also from what I've read smart money is on the 3.0is over an M coupe/roadster which some people report as being quite hard to live with. Having said that the 3.0 looks like a fantastic car as it is.

  • yarp. this seems to echo your sentiments regarding the M series.­ed-review/n788/recommendation

    at least this thread has disabused me of my TT pretentions, and i do rather like the look of this beasty.­4257300258?location=Taylor%27s%20Ln,%20L­ondon%20SE26%206QL,%20UK&quoteref=0e3e3d­d5-fc67-434f-8bf2-7f7972c83e7b

  • Anybody going to Supercar Sunday at Stonor House near Henley this weekend ?

  • i'll be at Silverstone on Sunday

  • historic sports car club? gonna be ridibg very near there. wonder what the chances are of popping in for couple of hours. Will look into it

  • That’s the one.

  • Yup. 24mpg is doing well for me.
    Mine’s an 06 non-MSport and it’s right comfy, great wheel travel for B-roads. Have to put traction control onto DTC (sport mode if you like) on a bumpy road else it just robs all the power. Open diff too which I think the Z4 shares so when it gets loose it gets really loose, probably better in that car though as you’re sat right over the axle.

  • Probably going to Stonor, it's 15 mins from my house and my 9yo son is desperate to go

  • Z4 ragtop every time. All coupes are lighter/stiffer/faster than their convertible brethren, but, no wind in the place where hair once was. The Z4 top is utterly fine in winter, no draughts to tell you the top is not tin. The heated seats are a bonus.....

    Greenhell: it is interesting that the hive perception of the TT is so poor. It is a very capable machine, apparently suffering from a poor image. It just isn't that involving to drive, the bastard probably thinks it could do perfectly well without a human(ish) occupant.

  • Also, the Audi cost a mere £35k more than the (old) Z4 for less than 1 sec of pointless 0-60 time and seems slower once 40 has been reached. The Z4 will comfortably exceed the speed limit more than twice over and then some. Naturally, I would never do this, officer.

  • are the 3l z4s ulezerific?

  • Almost certainly not, unless you rob a bank and buy a new one. This is not an issue in rural Sussex where gassing a sheep is probably more acceptable than buggering one.

  • Correction: using the search engine of choice, computer says 'yes'!

  • Who knew!

  • Since this forum seems to love Foresters so much here’s one I took in a trade.
    2” lift and Yokohama geolanders, Subaru should have sold the car this way IMO. It really sets it apart from the Impreza hatch and legacy wagon now. And it earns that low range gearbox they gave it.

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  • Very nice. Does look like it should have in the first place.

  • I get the impression that JDM is mythologised a lot more in the US since they're not allowed to import cars and jap cars are RHD. Plus they're all idiots in thrall to their fast and furious boxsets.

  • Eunos Cosmo 20B (3 rotor rotary) has to be up there in terms of most JDM car ever made. Even if they were all automatics it's so cool, and I challenge you to find a better looking petrol filler cap #niche

  • what became of your polski 126 dude?

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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