Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • I took the Porsche out yesterday, did find myself thinking “does this need another 120 horsepower?”, then told myself to stop being so silly- of course it does.

  • Student, although I'll be doing an industrial placement starting in august for 12 months. Single and my dad has had a claim (albeit not his fault) in the last 3 years. Does adding >60yo s not help? Will adding people I'm not related to help?

  • Any tips on how to not get fucked by insurance in London?

    Don’t insure it in London.
    I can insure my bike for £900 third party in London or £280 fully comp at my parents 🤦🏼♂️

  • The car will be (mostly) kept at my parents place in London...
    Is that not a breach of the insurance contract?

  • Yeah then it’s unavoidable.
    Put a parent on as an occasional driver, can sometimes bring it down a little.
    Or limited mileage cap, dreaded black box thing that measures how naughty you drive.

  • limited mileage cap

    How stringent will this be? I have no idea how many miles I'll do in a year. I'll talk to them tomorrow about my Dads insurance claim, see if putting him on will help
    Reeaallly don't want a black box, and doesn't usually help in London that much because they see you driving during rush hour in 'dangerous areas'. Had one the past year and even driving carefully as possible it doesn't let you get scores above 50/100 because of where and when you are driving

  • Well you can choose your estimated miles. I put 3k on my bike but I’ve actually done 5 this year. If I had to claim, I’ve no doubt they would try to get out of it.
    Although when getting quotes I can put mine up to 10k+ and it doesn’t change the price now so I won’t bother next time. My insurance has just run out so I’m looking for a new bike and then have to go through the whole thing again

  • I'll have a play on comparison sites, see what happens. The cars only worth <£400 so I can't see it ever being economical to repair it. Worth just getting 3rd party fire and theft? Or is fully comp worth it

  • Great vid. Makes me miss my GTi6 even more:

  • No, just standard seats

  • I used to have a 205 mi16 track car and any event I went on it was always the mx5s who seemed to be having the most fun. But I agree more power us always good

  • Got a picture? I love an mx5

  • Well I test drove a 2019 RS3. Dealer let me lay into it on a twisty on-ramp. Blistering speed but less eventful and fun than my MK6 GTI. Also the handling is mushy at road speeds compared to my GTI. The GTI has Bilstein b6 and sport springs, but I was surprised at how underwhelming the road going experience is. I guess if you're hitting warp speed regularly at a track it could be fun, but it's not really a track car. The whole thing strikes me as a huge expense for quiet capability you never really use.

    The way it pulls at highway speeds is uncanny though

    I'll find an M2 to test that see if it's more engaging.

    Otherwise I'm back to the more sensibly priced R vs STI vs m240 vs whatever else.

  • this is just wonderful dude. love it

  • Thanks man, I love your green fiat. Such a pretty car.

  • Sorry- forgot to say, Mini looks awesome.

  • @pryally - definitely interested in the car, can you give a bit more info?

  • More Binky­cdQ

    And a sneak preview of what I've got on the way.

  • cheers henry. small cars are just so much fun. would love to have a mini too but cannot justify having two. look forward to hearing about some of your adventures in that beauty

  • Me too! The Nissan GTR was hilarious

  • I suggest you research mk2 mx5 rs for particular details of this version - quite a few differences over the standard/uk model.
    I bought it has a fresh import 10 years ago and run it as a summer car since. You can do online check on s131 kba for yearly mileage (bit strange as it arrived with mileage in km and I’ve converted speedo to mph) Only selling as I needed something I could fit more than one child in (mini clubman s)
    Every year I’ve serviced it with Mobil one fully synthetic. I’ve changed wheels/tyres, new roof, catalytic converters and rear silencer. Stereo is crap (Bose)

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  • Don’t think I’ve ever seen an mx5 of that age with so little rust

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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