Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • It would cost the same as moving my shit home but it would not hold all my shit I am afraid

  • Make two trips. I'll ride shotgun on the second.

  • It is soooo much money tho

  • Brexit getaway car

    This just reminded me that some heinous collection of American twats followed my Instagram account yesterday called @brexitmotoring.

    They do have some lovely MG Midgets but they're obviously wankers.

  • Who needs an estate??

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  • Serious garage envy. Also strong effort.

  • Does anyone here have a recommendation for a mobile valet service in the NW postcodes?

  • Mini.
    So happy.

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  • Birthday present from my wife is a 4 day rally driving course. Pretty excited about that. Then track day later in the year.

  • Top wifing!

  • Which MX-5 would be the best choice for track days, and what would it need done to it (if anything) before being put into use?

    I imagine that there is a balance to be struck between cheap to buy and enormous amounts of rust and deferred maintenance being present?

  • Sounds like an LFGSS track day is nigh-on inevitable now.

    (Was considering an MX-5 vs mini, but this popped up at exactly the right time).

  • No experience, but from Internet reading you want the 5 speed gearboxes rather than the later 1.8 mk2.5 with the 6 speed. And obviously rust on the bottom sils(sp?).

    Would it not be best to buy one, take it to the track, then based on what you think its lacking change it?

    I'd have thought someone else's track project, or an early mk2. A lot of the mk1 will be knackered or if good when I looked offered worse vfm than the early mk2

  • I was at castle Combe on Easter Monday watching the racing and there were a couple of mx5 races (with big fields) so maybe one of them? :)

  • Mk2s might be slightly cheaper but for looks Mk1s every time, underneath they're surprisingly similar. Personally the main draw to the Mk2s would be the vvt engine. The YouTube channel 'Circuit : Driver' is a good source for track MX5 info, especially MK1/2 info.

    My local track is Bedford and the car can hustle most people in the corners (with handling mods) but on the straights it gets comically out paced. I'd say if you have a long local track maybe consider other options, or forced induction. For smiles per £'s though...

    Regarding track prep I'd change all fluids and take it from there, maybe some decent brake pads too?

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  • My local track would be Brands Hatch

  • My mx5 will be for sale soon, mx5 rs imported 10 years ago and owned by me since then - not used during winter. Very solid underneath with virtually no rust.
    Rs comes with lsd, biksteins, higher red line, etc
    Body a bit tatty in places but easily sorted.
    Looking for £1500

  • When you say virtually, could you give me a better understanding of how you use the term?

  • Mk1 is my dream 'pop up headlight' mid life car (i'm a few years off, hopefully). That one yours?

  • On a completely unrelated topic. Buying my first car soon, a '98 3 door Golf. Any tips on how to not get fucked by insurance in London? I have 3 years no claims, but not as a policy holder. This counts for nothing right?

    Adding parents/grandparents to policy? What else mighy help?

  • Job title, spouse / partner. Only add parents if they're <60yo.

    Play with Xs.

  • That's utterly superb! Garage shot is on the money.

  • Just small amounts of surface rust to the edges of steel sections and a few rusty bolts.
    It’s my fourth mx5 and is by far the best drive of any of them. Seem significantly quicker than the others, obviously still not fast though

  • Yarp, if interested here's the build thread.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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