Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Looks like a child seat for adult baby types!

  • Some c*nt rear ended my GTV in a car park last Saturday and left false details on it . Now I’ve calmed down it’s not too bad , more scratched than dented. I wouldn’t mind but I parked in a space fucking miles from anything with no spaces either side and it still happened.
    So I know how you feel and sympathise

  • I have a fond memory of an 850R . I know Tim Harvey quite well ( ex BTCC champ and commentator) as he’s my bosses best mate and I remember being totally sideways in one coming off a roundabout off the A34 in Oxford in his yellow one prepped by TWR when he was racing one in British Touring car championship . Looked dreadful went like greased weasel shit.

  • Three of the four bolts go into my seat and hold well, one just spins. This is not what I expected from a new Recaro.

  • Our Revival group has swelled such that it has been necessary to book 5 pitches in the on-site camping, which is about 1 and a quarter tennis courts by my calculations

  • Hi again,
    Still considering the B-Max. I've done a little bit of research and the coolant issue looks to have been up to that right? In which case, for a 2016 vehicle is it a non-issue? Thanks again for your advice!

  • Not entirely sure, its around 2016 that Ford started to take note of all the failures so could be the superseeded part was fitted factory from around then?
    Theres always the potential people have fitted pre- super seeded parts to a car that already had no issue.....
    I had a passat 2.0CR tdi, when it was a few years old had a factory recall on a oil pump chain, they replaced it with a newer chain, but what they should have done is replace it with a belt thing.
    So never checked up on it again because 'well its had the VW recall thing fitted, by a vw dealer!'
    Nope, chain stretched/wore over time and failed when it was 5 years old/75k ish? Seized engine as idiot light only comes on once the main bearings have been spun.
    VW response 'well, WE fitted a superseeded part, on inspection of your engine a non superseeded part was fitted, you must have taken it off yourself and put the older style chain back on yourself. NOT OUR PROBLEM! '
    Yup. Cars, joy.

  • Car park cctv?

  • Has anyone any knowledge of PCP? I’m considering trying it for my next car.

    Also, looking for something large and economical- potentially Audi A6 Avant Ultra maybe 2016+. Anything else I should be looking at? It needs to be ultra reliable ( I’m guessing Alfa’s are out. Sorry ejay LOL)

    Happy Easter all.

  • Skoda Superb and Passat also worth considering, obviously a lot of shared engineering.

    Mondeo estate also surprisingly good although it's been a while since I've owned one. I have the Skoda currently and have no complaints.

    PCP - I'm 2 years into 4 years so I've not gone through the whole cycle yet. So far it's been straightforward.

    As far as I can work out from reading about it, the main thing that people fail to allow for is you have nothing at the end of the term. So if you want to start again, you need to fork out for another deposit.

  • Thanks for that. I’ve looked at the Skoda but I’m not sure about styling.
    Re. The end of PCP, I didn’t know that either. I had it in my head you used the current car as some form of deposit for the next one.

  • Production.


  • When you enter into the PCP agreement, there is a "guaranteed future value" assigned to the car. This basically allows you to walk away at the end of the term without having to worry about settling up the balance of the finance. Assuming that you haven't trashed the car or exceeded the agreed milage.

    The monthly payments are set so that the loan balance at the end is not greater than the guaranteed future value of the car. You could choose to pay a bit more each month which should result in having some "equity " in the car at the end of the term, to put towards the deposit on the next car.

    Most people choose the lowest possible monthly payments instead.

  • That’s great. Thanks. I will have to give it a look. The limited mileage thing, I believe you can get it up to 12,000 per year. Less would be a worry.

  • yesterday's spots:

  • So it begins... 😎 💪

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  • a couple of small issues with this little fella in the last few weeks. new accelerator cable and new starter motor drive switch. guys at Prioetti sorted without any fuss.

    and the little guy has got me and the missus away as hoped for Easter. with shit loads of smiles all the way

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  • Anyone know what Mercedes this is, never seen one before. Like a Morris Traveller on roids.

    Dat ass (the car one, its an old Bristol)




  • Just a (non rusty) set of indicators and the right length rivets for the headlight covers away from the front end being sorted.

    I had a crack at the roundels and fucked it, too.

    The inside is primed, ready for paint and the final fit of the cage.

    Steering/wipers/dash next...

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  • Anyone have the gadget that crimps the lead endbit onto brake cables?

  • Parked outside my mums house this morning; good Easter roadtrip vehicle

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  • Some lovely cars there, but I am especially enjoying the fact the guy getting into the Bond Bug is cracking up

  • Definitely wouldn't recommend overpaying to "build equity" - put it in your savings instead.

    My wife has a Mini Cooper Clubman which is currently £5,000 in negative equity a year before the contract ends - I'm not bothered, we'll hand it back and walk away.

    PCP is great because the risk is on the finance company rather than you - even if the car is worth less than the GMFV (balloon / guaranteed minimum future value) at the end, as long as the vehicle is in a condition commensurate with the age and mileage it's not your problem

    ...this is also the reason why there are some used car bargains out there for a "cash buyer" as the manufacturers are propping up the new car market.

    @TGR companies will do up to 30k a year, just pick what will suit you as best you can, but don't stress too much - the penalty for going over is usually about 7p a mile so even if you went 10k over on mileage you're only looking at a penalty of £700

  • Thanks for that. Re. Leaving the agreement when the value is less than expected, someone mentioned that this may result on a black mark against you when a credit check is done. Not sure if this is accurate info.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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