Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • The seat is fireproof, I'll just use a blowtorch

  • The smell of burning hair though...

    I've never actually blow torched a cat so I'm presuming it smells as bad as human hair.

  • Yes, I'm actually just going to use the vacuum cleaner.

  • Any chance you can scooch over to mine with it this weekend?

  • Obligatory "don't store wood next to the burner" comment.

  • Sure, I've got the Recaro side mounts as well as the BBI in the picture.

  • It’s more about the slidey mount than the seat. I’m not getting my powerful engine room in that.

  • First clean in a while, restored a genuine Saab rack which looks the part, moving onto the engine bay shortly...

  • Nice! More pics please!

  • Sweeeeeeet saaaaaaaab

  • It's been mildly lowered at the front since these were taken

  • Lovely! A car I’ve always desired!

  • My friends dad has a near mint 900 that has been given a fair bit of sensible mods by Abbot Racing.

    I’d love first refusal on it but the 3 sons are all ahead of me a (and probably a few more) in that queue

  • Subhuman scum

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  • Been thinking on Abbot gear for some time but in reality the gearbox won't thank me for it. Plan is to go stock Carlsson spec (185bhp) using all genuine Saab. Mines solid as a rock but actually pretty beat up on the outside which is how i like it these days. It's the newest car i've owned in 22 years of driving and the boot is the best i've seen for a non estate.

    I currently have first refusal on an 850R in similar condition but i'm not sure what it would give me over the Saab.

  • Two different worlds I think. Completely different approaches to cars. Both are great, but in different ways. If your heart says one or the other, go with that, you can't reason your way through these kinda decisions. Unless you need the boot space perhaps.

  • shit. someone just hit it while it was parked and fucked off? fuckers

  • Yep. Second time it's happened. Reason enough to not have a nicer car!

    If this was the first time I'd get it fixed, but just can't be bothered to sort it out or pay for it. I wiped it down and it doesn't look quite so bad. Still exceedingly annoying and disrespectful.

  • Really nice! My dad's friend owned a mint, Red 900 Turbo 16S which I coveted. I'd love to own one but I'd imagine good ones are getting hard to find and when you do, they're becoming increasingly expensive.

    Also, if it was possible, you should keep the Saab AND get the 850R. That would be a dream Swedish garage.

  • that is really shit dude.


    just read this thread on PistonHeads.

    £399/month for an i3 120 at the early preferential rate

  • Goodwood Rev tickets booked, it's a mates 40th so we're doing the full nine yards, all weekend, camping on site, blackened snags for dinner, the fug of weed and warm john smiths

  • And the sweet stench of burning castor oil of course!

  • ^ Well jell.

    So ran the JamiroQuai to Wales n back on its first proper stretch.

    The average said 69 at one point. Does this sound right for MPG or is that liek Cray Cray? 😊

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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