Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Can't disagree there, when I had mine ages ago I prob looked at ten before buying one. Mine was perfect tbh, nothing broke just spent time tidying it from usual wear and using it. Doubt I'll have that luck again

  • I've got my dad looking for one. He'd be the one getting it for me and keeping it until I figured out what I was going to do with it so I've got more chance of getting one if it's a bit closer to the north-east. Shame it's not later in the year, I could have got him to have a look at the Black one on eBay whilst he was at Goodwood for Revival.

  • Problem with fiat coupes are they've usually been modified to within an inch of there lives or ragged the fuck out of.

    A former colleague who's now a judge used to have one. He blew up 2 engines in 3 years and he was not a fast or vigorous driver.

  • Similarly would rather like a Fiat Barchetta.

  • Red though. A brilliant red one. From a better, vanished time.

  • I think I’ve mentioned it before but I had two friends that bought them new and neither lasted a year. My mate Joel’s was the yellow one - cracking looking car and I do remember it being quick.

  • Thoughts on Polestar 2?

  • I've got all the way through to the credit card info for a pre-order... hmmm

    Might chat with the wife first.

  • Is it just me or is the profile a bit similar to the last Saab 9-5?

  • Wanted a new Polestar V60. I am disappoint. Been enjoying this feed:

  • The C pillar and roofline are slightly similar but that's it. It looks much more like a squashed XC40 imo...

  • My next company car, due in Jan-2020 will be fully electric. I need\want a range of around 300 miles. Polestar would be perfect, but just not going to be here soon enough to me. looks like I am stuck between the Jag ipace, Kia niro or hyundai kona... think I know which one I will be going for...

  • That's a nice car ruined.

    Polestar 2 does look great, but the interior isn't quite as nice as I would've expected.

  • Should be collecting the 159 next Wednesday. Wish me luck.

    Here's a picture of a particularly nice, impractically low one in the meantime...

  • Polestar should have been an estate.

  • Slightly OT but I can't find a more applicable thread, and where do I go to ask the big questions but lufgus...

    • Has anyone had experience retro-fitting roof rails to a Golf or similar?
    • Alternatively, can anyone convince me that spending £4k on a Volvo estate with 50% more mileage would still be better than £4k on a Polo/Golf/Golf Plus?

    PS anyone fancy a project Audi Cab FE 2.8 V6?

  • Why do you need roof rails? Can’t you get a rack that fits without?

    Re estate or not, do you need the space? If not I’d imagine a golf would be much cheaper in the long run

  • Came to ask about a roof rack / box on a Golf too (mk6)!

    You've selected pretty different cars there. If you need the space of a full sized estate then a polo won't do. The Volvo will probably be more expensive on every metric you can think of, but if it fits your needs...

    Irrc the Golf Plus has roof rails.

    Anyway, my question...

    I need a roof rack and maybe a roof box. What should I be looking for? It will be used rarely - car boots for large possibly heavy objects, then a roof box to drive to Europe. Possibly also a bike, but probably not.

    Ideally don't want to spend a fortune, but equally don't want a false economy.


  • I’ve got no experience with those door jam racks so I’m a bit uncertain about them.

    Basically, if I have to give up on patching up my Audi here and here and get a sensible car, I want to be able to put bikes, kayak, Xmas tree etc up top. Or inside on the case of an estate.

    Mostly I probably want a Volvo estate coz I think they’re cool for some reason.

  • Sensible car bit comes partly from me and plenty from SO, due to the potential of offspring at some stage or something

  • Pro tip, based on experience, don't put xmas trees inside your car. You'll be finding needles in random places for months afterwards

  • Mostly I probably want a Volvo estate coz I think they’re cool for some reason.

    Imo that's a far better reason than some aspirational man logic based on imagined utility.

  • I think it’ll suit the inevitable mad-maxing better than a golf plus. Sadly other half isn’t keen on missing out on the chance to have a car that’s easier to park than the cabriolet.

  • Also (having never bought a car before, inherited the Audi) - does one actually gain that much for the extra £££ spent at a dealer? My experience with motorbikes is “not really”.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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