Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • New life goal

    Anyone got input on Amarok vs Navara vs Hilux? Main reason for a pickup is the camper so I have zero need for off-road capabilities. Google tells me the amarok is the best on motorways but it’s also £££

  • Hilux suffers from the top gear effect. How about the mitsubishi?

  • Haven’t considered it but will do some more research. Drove one years ago that was very agricultural, felt like riding a tractor without suspension

  • I've got an 08 Isuzu Rodeo, it is VERY agricultural. Condition more important than the model imho, ours needed £400 of welding for last MOT. Why don't you just buy a camper van

  • A camper van won’t work as a daily driver with two kids. And they’re even more £££

  • I’ve got heaps of love for a toppola! Sadly they won’t fit the four of us :(

  • A caravan is bigger & more practical imho. Or just get a really nice tent with inflatable poles.

  • Do you need a pickup truck for your main car? If so I can see the logic.

    Otherwise I reckon you're better off with a caravan or renting a camper van. How many days p/a do you reckon you'll use it?

  • Does anyone know anything about ISOFIX?

  • Caravan is out as I can’t stand towing one around and it’ll restrict us to campsites. With a camper we can just park up in the middle of nowhere and kip.

    Renting a camper van is an option but requires too much planning. We’re after the micro adventures where we go to a nearby lake for an evening swim and instead of driving home we stay the night.

    Nights p/a is hard to say, but I reckon at least 10, hopefully more.

    I’ve found some second hand campers for as little as £3.5k which is low enough to give it a try before potentially investing in something newer.

  • If you want to be able to take ad hoc trips I get it. A family friend and her BF bought a VW transporter* for ~£2k I think and converted it themselves - a well finished job, but not to a super high spec - good enough for surf trips tho. Although that was a few years ago.

    *a regular one, not a lift up roof one.

  • Standardised seat surface fixture system for attaching compatible baby cradles and child seats to allow convenient fitting and removal with increased stability over the traditional seat belt moorings. What do you need to know?

  • If we were sans kids that’d make perfect sense, but a vw camper that sleeps four is silly monies. I think this setup might be a good compromise. The pickup itself is a bit ott as a car, but the freedom it’ll bring us makes up for it.

  • Under canvas tonight. 😎

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  • Is it a must if you're looking for a family car? And when did VAG start fitting them in their cars?

    Not wanting to Jinx anything, but I'm looking for something more sensible than my mini. Any suggestions?

    Ideally we'd like a 5 door Golf, but a decent one might be a bit speny right now.

    Any other cheaper suggestions? Budget is £3-5k (probably £4k). Not up for HP/lease as it will probably be trashed.

    • good ncap rating
    • Euro4
    • petrol
    • 4/5 doors

    An big estate has already been vetoed, but I'm working on selling the merits of a small one... although who am I kidding something Golf sized is already getting tubby for London driving.

  • How much does the pickup + motorhome attachment cost?

    Edit: £12-20k according to eBay.

    I think it sounds like a sensible route based on what you've said.

  • 10 days camping/year balanced with 355 days driving a pickup.

    I'd buy a big tent and throw it in the back of an estate for two weeks/year.

  • I had 2 camper vans, I loved them but I came to this exact conclusion that the economics and logistics were pointless

  • No idea on VAG, implementation timing differed across manufacturers and models. For me, Isofix is a real boon, I wouldn't go without again. Even tensioning up the seat belt secured seats as well as I could, they still had an amount of play in them which I found disconcerting. The quick installation and removal is a big additional benefit, of course more so if regularly moving seats around. The only issue I've ever found is when the Isofix bars are buried deep within the seat, I remember a sweaty wrestling session with a Toyota Previa before a nursery trip to Twycross Zoo.

  • If you don't aspire to own a toppola, can you ever call yourself a petrol head?

  • Hire a static caravan?

  • I know it's not the done thing to mention Top Gear, here,
    but, I was disappointed on the 'Car-avan' episode that James May did not compete with a Toppola bolted onto a Carlsson.

  • How much to hire a RV in your country?

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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