Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Try Shiply for moving cars. Used them a couple of times and easy and cheap.

  • Don’t you just push the car a few yards down the road, call the AA and tell them it just happened?

  • I appear to of bought myself a boy racer car...


    It's ridiculously fun to drive! A 2.0 TDCi Titanium and I'm sure it's been blinged by the original owner as the usual boot model and type badges have been removed.

  • Red calipers and side stripes!

    Please add Focus decals over the side stripes.

  • Definitely riding the motorbike has changed perception of speed.

  • Hey, hey. Steady on!

    I'm still figuring out Cruise Control. Never had it before...

  • Fitted a new stereo to the mighty Panda. DAB radio meant wiring in an amplified antenna. Managed a decent job of it and didn't destroy too much trim running the wire down the pillar and round the back of the dash. Same for the BT mic on the other side of the car. Thankfully mrs_com is crafty so we had some modelling wire I could use to fish through the gaps I could even see down.

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  • The hula girl has become a little dishevelled in the heatwave. There is a similar vintage, same model Panda in yellow parked around the corner with a hula guy on the dash.


  • Nice bit of Hot Hatch History on my lunchtime walk:

  • two fastest cars up the goodwood hill climb were electric
    still haven't beaten the old heidfeld petrol f1 record but closeish

    wonder what that car that recently took the nurburgring track record would do up there

  • That was the second one no?

    What was incredible was the fact the works VW was only about 1 second quicker than a production vehicle you or I could drive. *cough* For $1.5 million­goodwood-video/

  • Daf variomatic and a citroen GS?

    When was the last time you saw one of them on the road?

  • Cherry Europa ;)

  • Does it count as Japanese as it was built in Italy along side the Alfa Romeo Arna. Alfa Romeo Nisssan Autovehicili, bet someone took ages to think of that name.

    I have had an Arna TI and then later a 1.2, that became a 1.5 as that was the engine I could find the cheapest.

  • The issue I'm having is finding as car that is too good to scrap. Feels wrong to scrap a decent car. Then rebuilding a buggered engine I will get in to the relms of wanting a tough engine that will have all the go faster bits. Then it will go past the point of being cheap speed.

  • Is that the ford engine or the PSA?

  • Someone mention DAF?

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  • ...anyone tuned the shizzle out of a W204 C 320d? - i see lots of options at GAD tuning.....lots of saloons for sale, would like an estate though...................

  • ^ ah sorry thats a merc isn't it
    i tought 320d was bmw

    the below is no longer relevant
    there was a bmw 3 series with a judd (?) formula one engine at the goodwood festival of speed, in top 5 fastest up the hillclimb

  • The 919 Tribute was there, they only ran it in the demo laps and not the timed runs

    "A spokesman for Porsche Motorsport told Autosport: "There was a request from Porsche GB to go for a time attack before the Festival of Speed, but it is not what we wanted to do."­2/porsche-turned-down-919-goodwood-recor­d-idea

  • Very special. IMO the short cam 65º V6 coupled with a stainless exhaust is the best engine I've ever experienced. I had a Fiat Dino with the same engine - most got broken up for parts to feed the demand for parts.

  • The joint Ford/Psa engine as far as I'm aware.

    Not that much of a petrolhead to be honest.

  • Diesel head?

    Only mentioned as the earlier ford motor has a few common issues that arise.

  • It amused me that the ferrari and fiat had differing bhp.

    Also the design of the engine is fascinating, how the engine balance was aided by the crankpully. So the crankpully had to be fitted in a certain position in relation to the crank and the firing stroke. If the crankpully was not fitted correctly, the engine became quite rough.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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