Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Festival of the Unexceptional at Stowe School, just by Silverstone circuit today. Probably the nicest car show I’ve ever been to, tickets go fast.

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  • Nissan Cherry! I had a Nissan Cherry Turbo!

  • I guess that would be worth a fortune now, with the desirability of anything Japanese and fastback.

  • It was written off when someone rear ended me :(

  • That looks like a great car show.

  • Road tax on an M3 in Ireland would certainly do that to you alright...

  • Yeah, €2100 a year was fairly grim

  • It's actually appalling. Apparently commercial road tax is due to more than double before the end of the year too... pure scum.

  • can anyone recommend a garage in Telford? Near Ironbridge.

  • This looks great. It's amazing how little you see of some of the more unassuming cars of the 70's-90's, especially when they had a performance variant that was deemed to be worth saving when they weren't.

  • What's the law regarding towing a broken down car with another car?
    Context - my car is broken down and parked (!) safely off the road at the moment, to get it to a garage, or to my dad's drive to have a go at fixing it, do I need to use a recovery firm, or can I get a mate to tow it? I can buy a towing rod so it's all legit.
    The more i right this, the more it seems like a bad idea...

  • Also, 1999 2.0 rav4 , that's a none-interference engine right, so a busted cambelt hasn't necessarily written off the car?

  • If it's taxed and MOTd it's road legal so you can tow it yourself.

    Where is it? Need a hand?

    Quick Google suggests 3S-FE and 3S-GE are non-interference, not sure which is in yours.

  • I'd love a hand but its currently outside the in-laws house in Ironbridge.
    I've changed all the belts on my old Volvo so thinking if the engine is OK I can probably do this one if I can tow it to my dads house and his wealth of tools.
    I just called a garage for a quote and they said it was a head off job, check all the valves etc, prices start at £1600. I'm not Dammit, the car only cost a grand!

  • Where's your dad's house?

    IF it definitely isn't interference then it's probably more like £250, "hard" bit is finding TDC to put the new belt on correctly. I'd probably replace any consumables while the front end is stripped, eg cam seals and water pump.

  • even further west - oswestry. I think towing it 40 miles might be a bit much.
    The Toyota forums seems to be littered with people saying its an interference engine because of a list from Toyota, but lots of actual experience saying its a non-interference and is a pretty standard job.

    The kits online come with tensioners and water pump, so i might do all that at the same time.
    How much does a haulage company usually charge?

  • 40 miles in "the sticks" could be less than £100, 1-2 hour transport that is.

    In/out of London that's easily a £250 job.

  • Based on recent experience (ahem), the RAC charged just over £100 for ~20 miles but I don’t know if that was a flat fee or had a per mile cost.
    I suspect a local company directly booked in advance would be cheaper.

  • My E61 525i is feeling slow/sluggish in the midrange since the flat battery but I can’t work out if it’s because an enforced couple of days on the motorbike has changed my perception of speed or if there’s something wrong with it.
    It is due an oil change...

  • What's a non interference engine? Does that mean the valve lift is so small that it won't smack the piston at full lift at TDC if the belt snaps?

  • That's my understanding

  • Yes. Not necessarily as a result of low valve lift, however - it could also be low compression so there's plenty of space between the valves and the piston. Valve timing also plays a part. But as a rule of thumb, funkeh engines are interference, boggo cooking engines are non-interference. Not a rule of thumb to rely on though. Ever.

  • Yeah basically no chance of pistons and valves "interfering" with each other if cambelt snaps.

  • Bloody hell - didn't think such things existed. Anathema. :)

    Speaking of low compression though, if I build another car engine, it's going to be boosted. Preferably pro-charger. Met a guy the other weekend with a 1200+hp lump based on a small block Chevy and the thing purred like a kitten, incredibly smooth!

    I love the sound of big cam, narrow LSA motors but they're shite for anything other than full gas.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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