Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Yes it is louder than I expected. I had a Giulietta multi air before this and the Abarth is sooo much louder.
    And yes she does pick her skirts up when she wants, being remapped once she's run in, so should have north of 185hp .

  • Gravel? Will no one think of the paint chips?

    It’ll need a full respray come a Monday.

  • I stuck it all down before I parked on it

  • Cheers will have a read up!
    I think the way 850/x70 fwd rear suspension works in such a way it needs a bit of bodywork in order to make the passive rear steer work properly. In stock form (but decent sized wheels) thought they did ok for the category of car they are, especially loaded.

    Mine is just very crashy, too much low speed compression and very little in the way of rebound damping, esp once warm (shocks warm)

    Another thing that needs sorted out is front wishbone/ lower arm mounts. Tdi are same as t5 and r, have the slightly less shit 4 bolt arms. Current ones have volvo bush's in them, no play, but they are soft and allow front wheels to move a lot under braking, find yourself fighting it quite a lot. Not sure if poly bush are enough of an improvement / too resistive to movement (could make it ride even worse), or go straight to rose bush/spherical joints. There's a sweedish company who does a set for £200. Very good at keeping wheels pointed the right way, very little resistance, but very exposed to the elements, so don't last long (like coilovers).

  • Japanese seem to respect each others vehicles more than anywhere (apart from maybe Iceland). Might be the cost of having one in a city enforces folk to be nice!

    Thinking of importing a Honda acty pickup. all the UK ones are so rotten.

  • How many times did you lay it out before deciding on the pattern?

  • was in Guernsey last weekend and coincidentally the annual hill climb comp was on. came away with some perverse ideas for my little fiat that I would never follow through on. but loved seeing this hitting those corners out of St Peter Port at speed

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  • and never seen a 2cv quite like this before

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  • Couple photos I've taken recently

    Assuming if you hate modified cars you will dislike these ha

  • Is that wheel outside the arch but tyre inside! WTF! Nice shots but barmy cars.

  • Spent an hour or so in the backseat of a Mini Cooper S cab yesterday, legroom is fine but the backrest is inexplicably upright, almost forcing you to lean forwards. It’s as if no-one actually sat in the back before signing off on it.

  • You’ve not tried to sit in the back of my car...

  • Yeah, I hear that those Merc's are a bit cramped.

    Can only fit half a Porker wheel in the back or something.

    Golfs are quite roomy...

  • That is what you will call stretched tyres to achieve fitment.

    All comes down to tyre size and wheel size, particularly width and ET.

    Quite a bit of maths goes in to it to nail it

  • It must be on air bags? I can't imagine driving it like that.

  • Finally bought a car that might be worthy of mention ....3l Scooby Outback....seemed pretty cheap, but there are so many of them here in NZ I guess it's not surprising! It's a fresh Japanese import, 2004 136k km and seems pretty good. Only issue so far is the tailgate lock doesn't work...Google suggests they're prone to cable breaks where they go from the body to tailgate. I'll have look once the bloody rain stops!
    Any thoughts on what else is likely to go wrong?!

  • Global warming?

  • Just keep an eye on the oil levels and replace it often. The h6 often likes to use oil and all advance and lift solenoids etc all rely on the oil to work as well as the timing chain.

  • Thanks for the tip!

  • Forum track people- having got the 911 back I now want to learn to drive it, what’s the best track for me (Brands?) and which flavour of track day (I’m likely to be slow, and I don’t want to be crashed into)?

  • Also, what’s a cheap lid that will allow me on track without having to rent one?

  • Brands is a great track, but isn't very forgiving. Silverstone and Bedford have bigger run-off areas. If you want lots of track time, go open pitlane but if you're worried about being buzzed by the fast guys go for a track day with different groups. Either way, get an instructor for the first few times.

  • If you've got a large head, I've got an almost-new Sparco ProJet open face helmet for selz at bargain price. It's silver, so it'll match the car, which is the most important thing.

  • brands or donington.

    avoid the airfield tracks (goodwood, castle combe, etc). some of the carpark tracks have heaps of run off, but you should be ok at any of the circuits that the big boys race at.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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