Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • He's got a super-charged M5, I suspect the Volvo would have classed as a sensible car.

  • I'm actually, finally, properly looking at buying a new car to replace the E39.

    I'd love to buy @Dammit 's car but the problem is that in my opinion, it's at a strange place, it's had all this amazing work done to it and it's in a near perfect condition. It's only worth as much as it is because it's in the condition it is. If I buy it, within 6 months I'll have knocked 75% of the price of it because it'll be faded, it'll be dirty, it'll have picked up car park dings, and my kid will have smeared banana over the back of the passenger seat.

    I can't afford to lose £5k in value, especially not to just using the car.

    The right buyer is someone who will use the car but will also lavish it with care, attention, and garage it. So not someone who lives in Zone 2 and lives in a 3rd floor flat.

    I'm thinking of buying this instead:­used-cars/subaru/legacy/legacy-gt-b-spec­-b--aero-kit--cruise-control--fresh-impo­rt/8182459

  • It does need to be cared for, you are absolutely right. Here's my latest advert - can I get some opinions?­597

  • @NurseHolliday do it! Just started watching the MCM Gramps/Super Gramps series this morning so might be a bit biased...

  • How come you don't just put it on some rollers Dammit? Everyone loves some some figures, it's the only thing that stands out to me in that ad

  • Get an insurance quote first. Just in case you struggle with options as it's an import.

  • Sounds a bit weak, but never got round to it.

  • excellent series


  • Just lowball him, he must be getting desperate now

  • I'll give you £500

  • It's not standard, but you hide that at the bottom. I would put a bullet point list right at the top with the headline stuff, because otherwise it just looks like a bloody expensive old car. You should be able to see why it's worth the money before you read any further.

    Don't use language that makes you sound like a dealer. It's particularly too flowery in the Exterior section - it sounds a bit Swiss Tony. Just stick to the facts. Colour, the condition, list any faults.
    Same to a lesser extent with the Interior section. Nobody cares that Porsche helped design the seats; just whether they are clean and untorn.

    Finally, there are a couple of pics on the Flickr that look like during or before the paintwork. E.G.­5/29956403956/in/album-72157685948864802­/
    Unless it really does look like that, I'd remove it as it makes the car look like it needs paint.
    Should there be a bonnet liner? I see the originals are NLA, but I wonder if either a custom dynamat install or a quick spray with an aerosol over that primer would help?

  • I've removed that photo, removed a little of the Swiss Toni, moved the text around a little.

  • Will accept as trade for rocket ship paint..... 😂😉😳

  • Do you think the high mileage is putting people off before they read all of the work thats been completed?

    Wander whether its worth pointing out early in the description that whilst its got a high mileage its had basically every part replaced?

  • As others have said:

    1. Engine power and torque up front or in title
    2. Make more of fact it has basically been restored
    3. Less words
  • Much better.
    I like the idea of putting "fully restored" and "full engine rebuild 30k miles ago" right up there with the mileage.

  • How about now?

  • Better.
    Do you have control of tags or are they taken from the title? Consider adding T5, T5R etc, to catch more people?

  • I think they're taken from the title

  • have you considered adding "XXXNUDECELEBS4FREE" to your listing?

  • I could add a picture of me, naked, reflected in the chromed surface of my kettle?

  • dibs kettle

  • Given that the other red 850R wagon is up for £13k and is a standard auto, I feel like your price is fair.

    Have you considered better photos?

  • Far fewer miles on that, but yes - it's an auto, maximum power is ~280bhp before the box melts.

    Better photographs would probably help, but I'd need to find the time.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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