Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Blah blah blah.

    Your point in invalid because look at Dammit carbon footprint for all those flights. Also you have no soul. The sound of v8, v10 and v12 are lovely...straight4 pots don't sound the same.

  • My point is that you can't discount the 535d on the basis of its green credentials and then recommend an M5.

    There's plenty of other, real, reasons for preferring the M5 instead of a cheap shot that doesn't actually ring true.

  • The clutch plate must not be moving

    Yep, just had the exact same thing happen. New clutch and all is well now. Flywheel was ok thankfully so slightly smaller bill than @Ordinata 's 😉

  • True.

    If you want green credential buy a prius and be smug...

    Has the zoe and leaf taken over on the smugness stakes.

  • 535d = big dollops of low end shove that is fun for a while then gets boring.

    m5 gets you high rpm tingles that are addictive.

    I'd take the m5. But it's not my money and my opinion is based on internet reviews...

  • Or merc amg. If you want to be electric smug buy a tesla model a. Fast and all electric. I want one. Now how do I make that kind of money.

  • An average tree can process 1 tonne of co2 in 40 years so 2 tonnes extra definitely makes a difference whether you like it or not...

    It absolutely is a pollutant in the quantities we, as a species, are generating at.

  • Ok, here's a side-by-side of two M5's for sale at the moment, first car has 80,000 miles, the second has 52,000. As the term of ownership increases the lower mileage car starts to win.

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    • Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 10.10.45.png
  • I have tried starting in gear. It wont start it tries to lurch forward. I dont want to damage stuff.

    That’s the idea, keep turning it on the starter until it’s driving then a bit of heat and shock will free it. But fair enough if you’re not confident, especially as it’s new. Time to get it recovered to the garage that fitted it.

  • a 20 yr old French diesel will pump out some nasty shit

    French ones more than other from same era?

  • This a petrol avensis then? Think there was just a 1.8 and maybe a 2.0 available

    It's the 1.8, yes petrol consumption doesn't seem great, but we won't do much miles with it.

    We went for it because of supposed reliability (internet reviews also knew a mini cab driver who had one and had been extremely happy with it). The driveshaft is a massive setback obviously, but we're giving the "fix" option a chance on this occasion...

    Boring car interlude over, as you were peeps...

  • Renault and PSA have historically developed some of the highest polluting diesel engines ever put into cars / vans.

    They also were one of the earliest nations where the major manufacturers adopted diesel engines in cars.

    Even their latest euro5 and euro6 spec engines pump out more nox, on average, than most other major engine manufacturers:

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    • 83733A89-0052-460E-A301-FACF668D2279.jpeg
  • Dammit lives in Forest Hill, so he's probably got loads of trees to soak up the extra. Should be fine.

    Nothing soaks up particulates.

  • Bit of a late reply, but based on your use have you added up the cost of a zip car subscription plus rental for those 2 trips to France?

    MOT, insurance, tax, residents permit have got to leave you with fixed costs of £500-700p/a.

  • Ok, this looks like the better option is the lower mileage car. But I don't like the wheels or the colour.

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    • Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 18.23.17.png
  • We can see by your Porsche exploits that a detailed, rigorous cost-benefit analysis is always at the core of your car purchases

  • I think the phrase is "once bitten twice shy".


    Would protect the paint and future value.

  • Out of interest, anyone reckon the Mk1 Skoda Octavia VRS will ever go up in value?

    Details? How much do you want for it?

  • If anyone is wondering, the Adrian Newey book is excellent.

  • I'm not planning on selling it at the moment, it's still going strong and I really like driving it. Inevitably there's more stuff that needs fixing every time I take it for its annual service (at a very good independent VAG specialist). I think it'll need a new brake caliper next time and it's coming up for another cambelt/water pump change as well.

    Kinda concerned I'm going to be continuing to plough money into a car that's never going to be worth more than £1500 or so, but it'd be a shame to get rid of it...

  • If anyone is wondering, the Adrian Newey book is excellent.

    I bought it having seen it in this thread and am enjoying it.

  • Ditto

  • That's because the French don't lie about the diesel emissions.

    But no one should buy a diesel car anyway.

  • I just called the place selling the 52k mile M5 Touring:

    Me - Hi, could you talk me through the maintenance history of the car please - things like the clutch, brakes, VANOS system?
    Salesman - It's got all the stamps in the book
    Me - I'm sorry?
    Salesman - That's all I've got, the service book and the stamps in it
    Me - So no details of what work the car has had over the past ten years?
    Salesman - You can call the BMW garages it's been to?
    Me - Thanks

    They've got it up for 27k, with absolutely no information other than it's had it's oil/filters/plugs changed on schedule

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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