Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • That table doesn't include a line for fuel.

  • It should be ok then. Just keep a close eye on it . Hope the driveshaft doesn't cost too much in the end

  • The Volvo is averaging 19mpg on Super Unleaded, I'm fine with whatever whichever car does on fuel.

  • With all the spreadsheets just make sure you don't overlook which one gets you the most excited. Obvious comment is obvious etc

  • The Golf or Skoda will do probs 35mpg, the BMW 20.

    So over 8000 miles you’ll be spending another £1000 on the BMW.

  • Money well spent. Just get the M5 @Dammit. You know it doesn't make sense. But it's what you want really, so JFDI.

  • I had a front bumper stolen from a Mondeo ST220 about 10 years ago, then 6 months later all 4 wheels. This was in Maida Vale. I assumed somewhere there was a 1.6 LX ST220 replica being created.

  • @Dammit, new car on PCP or finance is surely only sensible for bigger annual mileages?

  • Will either car satisfy you big german estate craving?

  • This might be of help

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  • Don't know if I should be say fuck off you owned a dawoo matiz, or you know about boring as you owned a daeoo matiz.

  • I wonder why they are on this thread.

    Cause there isn’t a boring car topic on here.

  • Re Subaru.....I ran over 400 BHP with the TGV's in place :)

  • Wot, no Porsche?

  • Neil live in the UK, hence why it’s not listed.

  • Trued using my e34 530i this morning. I will not get into gear so I can't even drive off. Clutch feels fine I. E no long pedal and plenty of fluid so surely it can't be the master or slave cylinder. So what's wrong. Bloody cars. Had to walk to aldis no bad thing i suppose.

  • Does the gear lever feel normal? Will it select gears when stationary with the engine off?

  • Yes it will select gears with the engine off without effort so the gearbox selector works. The clutch plate must not be moving. I would have though if the trust whatever it is that connects to the slave cylinder was broken the pedal would feel light. It feels normal.

  • Has it stood for a while? The clutch might just be stuck on. Starting it in first often frees it.

  • My clutch and dual mass flywheel dropped a bollock earlier in the year. Car would not go into gear. 2k later all good. 😎

  • This a petrol avensis then? Think there was just a 1.8 and maybe a 2.0 available, both very reliable but very underpowered and surprisingly thirsty. The diesel engine of that era was excellent, the newer avensis (2010 on shape) was not a patch, quite weak turbo and fueling system.

    Rust unlikely to be serious, middling jap saloons just gt surface rust all over in a fairly bad way from jist a few years old, would jist brush down, cold galvo spray and maybe some Hammerite over top of really bothered.

  • Only just seen this...

    I love the forum logic. 535d is dirty so buy a v10 petrol....!

    According to

  • It drove fine yesterday. I am hoping it is the cold that has caused the problem and all will be well when it is warm again. I have tried starting in gear. It wont start it tries to lurch forward. I dont want to damage stuff. That clutch cist me alot of money earlier this year when it went properly wrong.

  • Only just seen this...

    I love the forum logic. 535d is dirty so buy a v10 petrol....!

    According to the following would be annual emissions based on 5k miles:


    • 2.6 tonnes of co2
    • 5.78 Kg (yes kilograms) of NOx+PMs


    • 4.36 tonnes of co2
    • 3.42 Kg of NOx+PMs

    In reality, the v10 M5 is a much higher pollutant than the 535d would ever be.

    Sure, a 20 yr old French diesel will pump out some nasty shit but a euro5 or euro6 diesel will actually produce similar results to the equivalent petrol engine (the v10 is not equivalent).

  • So the M5 produces 2 whole more tonnes of lovely life-giving CO2 (ask any plant, it’s not a sodding pollutant) but 2.36 fewer KGs of definitely carcinogenic and noxious NOx and particulates.

    Yep, no question it’s a greener car. Not that I give a crap really :-)

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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