Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Hey Hugo, Yeah it's literally just getting rid of it. I guess it's not for everyone but my reasoning was...

    • It wasn't working as the condenser had a massive hole in it
    • Repairing and refilling the system would cost quite a bit
    • Dash blowers now work more efficiently as it's not going through the evaporator
    • It will improve cooling as the condenser is no longer blocking air flow to the rad plus I've left the fans so they can run if sitting in traffic/coming off track
    • I live in England and own a convertible

    Some people do this to clean up the engine bay or reduce parasitic draw on the crank but to me it was just 20kg of weight doing nothing.

  • I think I'd struggle to give it up - even in a convertible.

    If it wasn't working totally makes sense though and if you want it, you're not really any worse off.

    Just don't get into the whole "shaving the 'bay" thing!

  • You make me really want an mx5. My mum had one back in the day. It had been custom painted a porsche yellow that was a bit like the volvo yellow.... An absolute fucker to clean and paint match.

    Ultimately it had to go because of the extreme part theft and vandalism :(

    Such brilliant little cars and so underrated at the time.

  • I've never owned a car with working/AC so probably don't know what I'm missing. On wire tucking the engine bay I have just ordered a cam cover breather filter, but in my defense the oem pipe was cracked and needed replacing. I do heed your advice honestly!

    Now would be a good time to get one, summer's over and good MK1's won't stay cheap forever ;)

  • AC is useful to stop convertibles smelling damp - with a fabric roof they need help keeping the interior dry, especially in winter and the drying effect of AC helps here.

    With a hardtop that's less of an issue, but humid air is a bugger for steaming up your windows in colder temps, also a benefit of having the AC.

    Of course, cost, complexity and weight all mitigate against it.

  • If it worked I'd be pretty smug and have definitely kept it. Reminds me I need to keep an eye out for a cheap mohair roof come the spring to replace the vinyl one.

  • Thanks!

    Cant believe it still but black is mine ;))

    Yeah i wont sell the originals even if i get a 2nd set.

    I guess the reason i want a new set is 100% vanity. I simply think the 17" wheels on the blue car (original wheels from 95 n forward) looks really good.

    Yes ive also thought about that, figured i could possibly pick a wheel that dident have the "cheapen" effect if i did som research. However seems to be hard to find wheels that fit. The center bore seem to be 67.1 or similar and volvo usually smakler dia which means i would need to drill them? That doesent sound cheap nore like the best solution. Hmm not many options at all actually. Guess thats why i can barley find pics of these cars with other wheels.. well one or 2 but most seem to be stock.

  • #umadbro?

    Wheels on yours look so much better...

  • ^this

  • Another vote for leaving the wheels - they look fab.

  • Thx

    I personally like both look but perhaps im somewhat caught up in trying to exchange them for the sake if doing that. Will take a step back and think through.

    Guess part of it is i also want larger width tires in hopes of keeping the rear a tad more planted as its currently want to breakfree bit to easy and if im buying expensive rubber might aswell do it on a rim i know i want to keep. Hmm

  • Another +1 for keeping the original wheels

  • It's your car of course, but I too think the wheels you have are much nicer than the later ones.

    How old are the tyres and are they a good brand?
    You might get a decent benefit just from new grippy tyres of a decent brand if you can get them in your size.

  • It's not his car now he's posted it here, it's all of ours.

    And if we all think the current wheels look miles better then he must keep them.

    @badboybjorn - they do and you must.

  • Hahah point taken. Will reconsider and not do anything hasty for now. Thx for your opinions!

  • Going against the grain here, but totally understand why if you have these rims

    you are looking to switch them.

  • Hi, long time lurker, I thought the blue one was yours and you were after the wheels off the black one, which made sense. Other way round? Nah, yours looks sweet.

  • Well the forum have spoken.. hugo u are just inline with the rest. Anyone else say the same i will just do the switch in "spite"

    Isent that a seinfeld episode? ;)

  • The forum hath spoketh. 😎

  • Crisis averted guys. At ease

  • Isent that a seinfeld episode? ;)

    The Opposite? That's my favourite episode, George at his best.

  • Haha yeah thats one is great but not the one i was thinking of. Tho perhaps would have been a better reference .)

    "spite" was actually not a valid reason for Jerry to return his blazer at a posh store in a different episode that i cant recall the name of. Gotta love Seinfeld. The other day i called someone with george answer machine message picking up, almost forgot about that one (golden).

  • Can I just please also state the utmost #rep for @badboybjorn

  • Lets go back to the station house...

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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