Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Like Stans bogeys in bike tyres? At least on a bike oh can whip the tyre off, clean and reinstall. Not so on a car.

  • Spotted a mean ass rx7 popping flames today, both out the exhaust and from the front so I guess it must have been wastegate to atmosphere as I doubt it'd flame through the air filter?

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  • What are you talking about? Stans sealant? Seems a lot more expensive than slime but the same thing. Use slime as I directed.

  • Rotaries can do that

  • I know, one of my childish obsession is wanting a flame spitting rotary. one of those mazda REPU trucks with a 13b swapped in would be so cool.

  • Can anyone think of a reason for me not to replace the standard airbox on the bug with a pod filter type thing?

  • You want disagreement? Or shall we tell you that is wrong?

    Anyone who does has not soul. Probably the same people the buy an RX8 and complain about fuel economy.

  • Is it an oil bath or a paper element? Usually when going to pod filters you should alter the jets in the carb. At a guess you are on single twin choke carb.

    Go serious or go home ;) Twin carb that carbs off an alfa sud/33/145 I bought a couple 145 mot failures with the 1700 16v engines. both for scrap money. One went in to a rot free 33 for a bit.But I killed that car when the lower suspension joint pulled itself through the arm as someone fitted the wrong ball joint in its life.

  • It's got the stock single(34mm I think) choke single carb.

    Not really looking to pick up any performance, just not really a fan of the box and it's in pretty tatty condition as is the whole car really. put 1000 miles on iy already though and it's performed wonderfully.

  • Don't knock it. Beatles are ace have had a few. Easy to weld and panels available....easy to shift from right to left hadn drive...;)

    The greater worry is running lean with the pod filter and then that gives issues especially on an aircooled.

  • It doesn't need any structural welding, I think I'm just going to rivet plates over the floor holes (because california) and because budget.

    Not planning to bring it back, want to live here with my little bug...

  • Like everything Herr Porsche designed the OG filter works well. As @lynx suggests, changing it will mean new carb jet(s), fiddling with mixture, no performance gain beyond a few grams of weight-saving and a compromise of that lovely whistley engine sound.

    I wouldn't bother. :)

  • Flapless, no doubt...

  • Fair, I'll just give it a clean and hold out on the filter until I decide wether or not I wanna upgrade to a single DCOE 40 and and exhaust system.

    Depends how long I end up staying here, it'd be nice to have a rat rod bug even though it's not very individual.

  • Twin 34/36s beat a 40, high lift rockers, zorst and away you go.

  • So tempting but I really need to fix the broken things before I start getting performance/bling stuff.

    I can't wait to fix the speedo so I can see how fast it actually goes because I'm pretty sure I had it up into the 80s on flat road today. I did over 100 miles of freeway driving and not once did I feel I couldn't keep up with or pass modern traffic as other people seem to have been saying about these.

  • The 1600s are just fine, plenty of new shopping hatches have a worse power to weight ratio. 80mph for a healthy one is no bother, if a bit noisy. My 1600 bus will just about get there if the wind is in its favour.

  • External wastegate if turbo, probably open trumpets if not. Mine backfires flames out of the trumpets and mines not a rotary!

  • If it was a turbo then most likely it had a screamer pipe

  • That's an Mx5 n'est pas?

    What cams are you running to get it spitting back through the TBs?!

  • Yes, definitely this. Lovely in standard trim when well serviced and tuned, messing with them really doesn't gain you much unless you're going to go at it full-tilt.

    I always liked this twin choke carb upgrade, I had a pair of twin 40s on a 1776 in a 62 bug and they were a twat TBH, it's balancing the banks that's a pain in my experience. The single version looks great.

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  • It's a turbo, you can see a blue Tial? dump valve just to the left of the airfilter.

  • someone say turbo?:

  • Just when i thought i was getting away from this forum i discover they have a car thread...

    From experience i would say do not loose the airbox, they are a very well designed piece of kit for stock bugs. Replace filter if needed but leave it be otherwise, good link for more info;­tml

    Another good reason not to use a pod is depending on your decklid is that if you don't have a Kamei rain guard water will piss into the filter overtime it rains.

    I haven't touched bugs in a while but have experience with them and IMO your plan to get everything running as it should is a very good one. I love a well put together stock 1600 with some OG heat exchangers and you can make some simple improvements without making a mess of things, if it were me...

    Ensure all original tinware is in place, this is vital for cooling
    Replace plugs, leads, filters if needed with decent factory spec parts
    Oil change
    Ditch the points, I had several with Petronix ignitors and they worked very well but keep the stock dizzy and avoid cheap 009's
    Use fuel filters but keep them out the engine bay!
    Get on Volkszone and search threads on servicing/improving stock 1600's

    I did twin Dell 40's of an Alfa and it was more hassle/cost than it was worth (although i'm aware how much more 40's cost now so maybe worth considering if you're happy to rebuild them). It's not a favoured Carb upgrade because of the longer manifolds but my best 1600 setup was with a Weber 32/36, 1 3/8" autocavan stainless exhaust, stock heat exchangers and a Petronix.

    I wish i could get another bug but they're way too much money now!

  • That's lovely, great to see a tuned engine retaining so much of the original design/hardware. From memory the issue with the single 36/40 over twins was the length of the manifolds causing issues with warming up. That homemade airbox is very classy.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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