Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Take the amount of "Cab? Some kind of poofter aren't you" comments in this thread, then add Carrera Cup steering wheel in alcantara with yellow "this way" stripe, shake well and stand back....

  • To conflate two separate posts today I would love to do a Clio 182 with silly Momo wheel and Sparco buckets

  • Maybe some Speedlines

  • until some cunt nicks your steering wheel...

    I've got a prototipo - they are lovely. the best choice for 770s/80s germanian - not sure about 90s

  • Excellent! Got the thumbs up from my wife, she likes the manual and the power. The baby capsule fits well in the back too...

    Always wanted a clio cup, but a warm Megane will have to do for now! Just wish it had the brembos and LSD.

  • Who made the gearstick? Miche?

  • Or until you get into the car, strap yourself in, fire up the engine, and realise you've left the steering wheel inside. Been there, done that. Still, removable steering wheels do make for quite jolly lunches when everyone sits down at the table with their steering wheels.

  • being a big fat cunt, I have seriously considered one, but really don't want to be that guy...

  • Having owned multiple cars with removable steering wheels, the most flack you get is from non car people.

  • Fuck those guys.

  • @Dammit steering boss is the simplest solution, appx £183 from porscheshop

  • any armrest is gonna suck after a w124

  • Cheers, bet thats something often overlooked, especially now they are not worth much folk probably avoid any work like that being done.

  • Good spot, cheers.

    This is going to have to wait until next month anyway I think given the expenditure on the car this month. I also got to pay emergency tax this month, which was a bit of a rude surprise.

  • that's a commodore, I think...

  • Does anyone know anything about sealant kits – in particular the BMW Mobility Repair Kit?

    I’ve had to use my sealant kit.

    It’s made up of:

    · a compressor - that plugs into the cigarette lighter

    · a sealant bottle that plugs into the compressor

    I’ve managed to clean it all out what I think is thoroughly.

    There’s a little cap that looks like it fits on the bottom of one of the in pipes. I’m guessing that I just fill it with sealant and the cap pops off once the pressure reaches the required amount.

    The question is;

    Can I just put any old sealant in the canister?

    And does anyone have any recommendations for sealant? The original stuff was pretty runny.


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  • Never hear of it, but it looks like a sensible option.

    The only reason I'm thinking about refilling is I've been quoted c.£35 for a new canister(?) and looking for cheaper options.

    And I guess using the existing system stoes away neatly.

  • Jesus. Do you not have a spare? Lightweight eh.

  • Quite a few cars don't have spares any more or usually space savers

  • Yeh my mini didn't come with a spare and doesn't have space for one. I think the first ones came with the BMW run-flat tyres.

    Not sure my mum's previous couple have either.

  • I've actually got one of those kits - bought to strip for my motorbike tool kit.

    I'll have a look at those tyre weld things. They seem good value for money.

    On the rainy day I got the flat I'm not sure how easy it would have been to réparé on the side of the road though.

    I think I'd prefer a proper wheel but equally my other half pointed out she'd be able to use the sealant compressor combo on her jays, where as it's unlikely she'd be able to remove and fit a wheel.

  • Those who mention tyre weld should be shot with paint balls in the balls. That stuff is awful and covers everything a sticky mess that requires wire brushing to get off a rim.

    Better to use slime tyre sealant. The trick that I learnt on motorbike tyres works the same on car tyres, was to find the puncture and remove the nail/screw what ever. Then get the hole to the bottom of the tyre. Then remove the valve and then add a certain amount of slime. Then inflate the tyre and away you go. Check the tyre preasure in a few miles see if it has dropped. If it has dropped top up and then check again. It should be stable pressure. If not the slime can be washed out with water and the tyre can be repaired.

  • Usually no jack either.

  • If all you can get is tyre weld it is your fault for lack of preparation. That stuff is over priced shite and temp repair at best. Slime will last the life of the tyre. Have used it on motorbike tyres and if it can stand that car tyres are a piece of piss.

    Well you heard wrong. If it congeals, why doesn't it congeal in the bottle, in cycle tyre tubes or motorbike tyres filled with the stuff before there is puncture.

    The only balance problems I have heard of is when filled with too much. Hence filling when you have a puncture hence you only need a small bottle. I have used bike tyre sized bottles in road tyres and motor superbike tyres good to over 167mph. Not had an issue.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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