Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Meanwhile, in Sweden, we're making progress on de-pinking:

    Check out the grey bumper plastic post-G4 Technique'ing:

  • Dope, I need to head to cars and coffee at some point.

    I'm just here with no real plan and it's brilliant, heading back to LA on friday where I wanna do some maintenance before I go on any longer trips, there's a fair bit to do but luckily it's all easy and cheap stuff so far.

    Alternator belt
    speedo cable
    O/S taillight bulb
    oil and filters change
    and to just clean the things out and make sure the interior is all solid.

  • There is a filter?

  • There is an alternator?

  • It is a 1600, so probably.

    I always used 20w50 or sae30 oil in a beetle but some say 15w40 just changed alot max 3k miles. Also using mineral oil, not semi and especially not synthetic as the engine runs hotter.

  • I always used Morris 30w in aircooled engines and avoided multi-grade and synthetic oil too.

  • From the mid 70's beetles were speced with multigrade oil. So was happy to use multigrade. Especially if the engine is the 1600.

  • Need a city car at some point, cheap but nicer spec preferred.
    Looking at
    2004/7 jazz, not sure which is the better engine, dsi or vtec
    2000/2005 audi a2, either 1,4 4 banger tdi manual or 1.4/1.6 petrol (avoiding fsi seems to be the concensus)
    2006> yaris 1.5 or larger vvti

    Always liked the a2 shape and design, jazz the most practical (dog sized boot and magic bench rear seats) but 5 door and average owner is 72 years old. Yaris haven't found a not totaply destroyed one yet, seem to get the most abuse?

  • Don't you mean let the car sit and watch the paint work fade.

  • Which one? The early ones are nissan while the k13 on are clio with different bodies. the 160sr is fun. Mind you the 1.2 80bhp is a laugh.

  • Looked at a few A2 quite a few around with blown engines but that is not an issue. The bodies are aluminium.

    Jazz wise vtec always wins but check when the vtec needs looking at (valve clearances) and it has been done

  • Magnificent. You're welcome to use my tools if you need anything. My neighbor over the road is not necessarily the friendliest dude in the world but is a VW whizz if you're stuck.

  • Meant air and fuel filters, I'll clean out the little strainer too though :)

  • Yup 12v alternator.

    Since it's southern california I'm gonna go with something on the heavier side of what's recommended.

  • That would actually be a huge help, I'll PM you when I'm back in town!

  • I think I have a sickness, I have spent the train journey to Reading reading about the 3.4 M96 X51 option/kit.

  • I see no sickness here

  • If u drive fast enough down the Pacific Coast Highway you can get air in a C9. 😀 #ProjectCars

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  • What are your buttons?
    On mine the heated seats are the buttons behind the ashtray, with the window switches in front.

  • see comment 30657

  • I see the future too.


    There is much to do.

  • I have four window switches.

  • Fair point. I'd like to think that I'd get £15k for it next summer.

  • not fork handles?

  • Oh yeah, I forgot about the back windows!

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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