Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Geländewagen, tinted windows compulsory.

  • Bossman at work just bought a pair of long wheelbase Range Rovers. A snip at £180k each.

  • Shut up, the Ypsilon is lovely.

  • Fuckit, I'll just get the best selling suv in the uk - nissan cashcow...

  • My brother used to work for Nissan, designing light clusters etc so we got a ridiculous deal on one.

    Surprisingly nice. Dull to drive but super comfy, nice level of tech (for a cheap car) and plenty of room. The only issue was the plastics were majorly cheap but it's what you'd expect.

  • These are the way forward.

    In a pearlescent white, tinted windows and 6" off your arse on the highway - the only way to drive.

    Yes, even closer than Audi close...

  • You got a ridiculous deal on a light cluster - good going!

    Ok, strike the cashcow, kia sportage here i come!

    b&d - I will buy a yeti, say in 10 years time when my nose and ears have fully sprouted...

  • I drove a new xtrail last week, hire vehicle and thought the throttle and clutch made the thing untenable in town, so many stalls and a need to rev the engine just to set off. It may have been a one off, but if they are like that I wouldn't touch it.

  • Fwiw I enjoy driving my VW Tiguan and the dealer gave me the 2016 model for a week last and have to say I was impressed. You'd probably get a good deal on the grey market on a 2015 model now.

  • There's only one reason to buy a Range Rover - because you think they look cool. Apply any other analysis and there are other cars to get first.

    I don't think they look cool so wouldn't have one, if you do then you should probably get one. Or don't. Whatever makes you happy.

  • I'd have a Yeti tomorrow - they're great cars.

  • The dull as a spade cheif exec at the vendor I visited this week has a defender urban truck. Looks proper wannabe gangster. He must look rediclous as a chubby clean cut man in his 50's driving around in it.

  • I still want an El Camino. I should probably get a Bronco instead, with just the right amount of rust.

  • Had a new clutch fitted to the wife's Santa Fe in November (rotary slave cylinder failed and decided to replace clutch whilst out). It's started slipping quite badly all of a sudden. I'm taking it back to the garage as the repair has a 12 month warranty, but it seems strange to me that it's failed now - would assume if a dodgy part it would go immediately? Or am I just unlucky...?

  • Astra 07 CDTi EcoFlex, can give a BMW a surprise if one knows the gears.

  • There's only one reason to buy a Range Rover - because you think they look cool. Apply any other analysis and there are other cars to get first.

    nail / head

  • Happens, did the place use decent brand parts or what ever they could get?

  • But they sell, it was designed by the posh spice.....

  • Did you watch top gear?

    The issues with the modern stuff is that the off roading is all done by the elecronics. But as Rive said the tyre choice and wheel size make a hell of a difference. Then the right tyre choice for the terrain such as mud.

  • That is why they are going for stupid money so few left.

  • Is this not the premise for all consumables?

    I mean it's no surprise pretty much every marque is bringing out an Audi shaped estate?

    See Apple, Dyson, etc...

    Why buy a piece of overpriced tech that will probably break before its cheaper competitors?

    Because it looks cool.

  • Nope, I would rather have root canal work done than watch Top Gear. I spend most of winter driving around farms, often with heavily tractor rutted tracks. Sure, tyres and wheels help, but ground clearance is often the biggest issue.

  • Urban Automotive Defender? My friend works there, they make some ridiculous trucks.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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