Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • good news.

  • Great news but no professional thought to try that first?

    Reminds me of when I'd been having a problem with my Mini misfiring that progressively got worse over 6 months. It kept choking up under load, and over the course of the 6 months it choked under lower and lower load until eventually on the way up the hill out of Brighton on the way back from L2B one year, I couldn't get past 30 and had to pull off and call the AA. 6 months of investigation, asking people online, trying all these expensive remedies, I told the AA man everything I'd done, he nodded, said I'd done a very thorough investigation so far but I'd overlooked one of the obvious. He unscrewed the air filter, held it up to the sun, and he couldn't see through it. I took it for a spin sans air filter and omg I'd forgotten how fast that car was.

  • Yeah, it beggars belief doesn't it.
    This was a well-regarded Merc specialist, too, with 4 other W124s in for work.

    The only records I have of them being changed was in 1997, but the history is not complete. It took 2 pages of Internet advice on MBClub forums to narrow it down to 3 possibilities. I'm so glad it wasn't the EHA valve. Those things are pricey.

  • what the fuck does an 800 quid service get you, if not a dissy cap and rotor?

  • Nuts. Well I'm glad it's fixed for you! You can hold off buying that Porsche, or maybe bring it forward since you can sell the Merc in a fully functioning condition!

  • Hey, good news. Sometimes mechanics like to over complicate things and forget to try the simple things first (cough, read cheap fixes...)

    I have a vague idea I'll be looking at a W124 estate when I land back in OZ. Perfect long haul road trip car, full of surfboards and bikes and all the essentials for car camping.

  • Yeah, it beggars belief doesn't it.

    It actually really does. Anyone who has worked on cars longer than an afternoon would have looked at the ignition before the fueling and would have started with the distributor. You should write a stern letter.

  • Merc 'B' service. (Plus a couple of hundred in labour & parts on replacing a sensor, two switches and a washer motor. )

    Merc service jobs schedule include checking the spark plugs but not the dizzy.

    I suppose cos it ran well when it was stationary in the garage they didn't bother.

    But yeah, I doubt I'll patronise them again. Their name is Automerc, if anyone else wishes to avoid them.

  • Made me giggle that NH. Reminds me of the time the fuel filter clogged up on my 405. I thought the brakes might be stuck on or that I'd run out of oil as it kept choking up, misfiring and stalling. At least it gave me a chance to replace the thermostat and change the filter type from a canister to a paper ring type. At least then I can see if there's any issue

  • When you find a good mechanic - keep him.

  • In a cellar? B-)

  • It puts the Swarfega in the basket

  • nice

  • Anyone want to buy my Siecento "Sporting"? Like this one but 2003 and pale metallic blue.­at/seicento/used-fiat-seicento-1-1-sport­ing-3dr-walsall-fpa-201502231178599?logc­ode=p

    You can tell it's "sporting" because it has alloys and a rev counter. It's actualy a brilliantly fun little city car and I will miss it. It's light, nippy and pretty stiff. Unless anyone wants to take it from SE23 it'll get part-exanched for something bigger and far less fun this weekend.

    New owner will be obliged to call by it's name which is "The Behemoth". Coloured skull bracelet hanging from rear view not included.

  • @Apone Hmm, maybe - Just been looking for a cheap car and was about to ask an insurance question here. How much MOT? and emmuchizit?

    Was looking at Ford KA for £400 quid. Which leads to the insurance question.

    Because I'm aussie, and have just swapped my licence have no insurance history here (zero no claims) it can expensive. The best Quote I have is from Admiral at £534 - they are the only ones that have included my 15+ years Aus licence to reduce my premium. Does that quote sound OK?

  • Seriously and this was missed...

    Even when it is not on the service list you still look. Or is that just me?

  • Oi blocked air filter and collapsed fuel filters have got me many a cheap car.

  • I bought one of these many years ago and I can vouch for it being a lot of fun around town.

    Mine was also very reliable.

  • sick!

  • Going to see what i get offered for it as trade in tomorrow. Will give you a shout if don't take that offer. My missus (in her wisdom) got it valeted today so it'll be ridiculously spotless for whovere gets it. They seem to go for between 6 and 700 so that might be a bit low but i'll get back to you. g'luck.

  • oof that 240 is fucken ill

  • It's very cool. In other news, my Volvo gets fixed tomorrow. Looking forward to getting it back, not looking forward to getting up at the crack of dawn.

  • Car dropped off, on train back.

    Much fixing to be done- I want it back when absolutely everything works, and when it is performing far better than when it left the factory.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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