Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Thus.

  • Hmm well I did just buy a very good immobiliser and alarm with central locking. I got a removable steering wheel hub so take the wheel off every night. I was thinking of putting a tracker in the void under the rear seat which is closed off by the speaker board...
    Gonna start taking the rotor arm out when I'm leaving it for a long period out of sight

    Just got a £100 fine for my plates...bummer

  • Just got a £100 fine for my plates...bummer

    this is funny - sorry.

  • I hate to say I told you so...
    Hate to Say I Told You So - YouTube

  • I hope every single one of your mods is declared to the insurers, or they will not pay out if it's pinched.
    Even when declared if it's not a special policy they are unlikely to replace with anything other than standard parts.

  • I'd probably get £700 if my car was stolen, as that is the guide value (according to the insurance company.

    It's cost rather more than that to build- the downpipe was around £700 on it's own.

  • There's a lot to be said for just buying a car that is fast enough as standard.
    Having said that, if I bought a Mini I'd customise the hell out of it. And I've spent over £9000 on my Vespa over the years, and it's probably worth a third of that :-)

  • No car is ever fast enough

  • No car is ever fast enough

    1000-1500hp and 850kg... I reckon that would be classed as "fast enough"

  • Yes yes laugh away
    ....anyone wanna buy some stickers lol

  • No car is ever fast enough

    not for the Pubchat GP...

  • Because it behaved so excellently over Christmas I have just dropped the Panzerwagen off at Automerc in North London to be treated to an inspection and service.
    It's difficult to gauge how much money to spend on it. I think it's got the potential to fetch top money when I sell it if I can get the important jobs done at a good price, so I've asked them to investigate the likely cost in sorting the air-con out.

    And the verdict is... ouch!
    Some front suspension work is going to cost me dearly. oh well, what do I earn it for if not to spend it on mechanical marvels?

  • Here's a nice article on the 1955 Chevies that appear in Two Lane Blacktop and American Graffitti.

    "Bob Falfa lost the handle on this bitch while trying to take down John Milner for the title of 'fastest in the valley'."­death-match-the-1955-chevy-from-two-lane­-blacktop-vs-the-same-1955-chevy-from-am­erican-graffiti.html

  • Just got a £100 fine for my plates...bummer


  • Am loving these updates! But it is like a new language to me. Get the headline but what do the second two stats refer to?

    I'm going to guess that it took him 1.47 seconds to pass the 60 foot mark- which (if I am correct) indicates both how fast he reacted to the lights and how much traction his car found off the line.

    car trapped 132 mph (213 kmh) at end of 1/4 mile. this is the best way to guage hp of the car, in conjunction with the weight. so if car is 1200kg with me in it, so 2600lb, we're talking 570hp at the crank.

    1.47s is the time thru 60ft (excluding reaction time). this gives an indication on how well it hooks up. sub 1.6 for a street based car is really hooking up.

  • Is this running a four link rear end, or whatever these rep-mobiles came with when GM stamped them out?

  • habib and his son taking their rx4 for a spin

    mega lol's

    14 yr old drives mazda rx3 13b bridgeport turbo - YouTube

  • Is this running a four link rear end, or whatever these rep-mobiles came with when GM stamped them out?

    runs a live axle, 9 bolt borg warner with 28 spline mini-spool, upper and lower control arms and a panhard bar. so essentially a basic factory 4-link.

    actually recently installed adjustable upper control arms to adjust pinion angle (negative 2 degree's relative to tailshaft considered best), boxed in lowers control arms (so they don't bend). it has an adjustable panhard bar, also installed a alloy diff had with pinion support. runs kings heavy duty springs and adj koni yellows in the rear.­photos-ak-frc3/1472867_10152518046904126­_1094324449_n.jpg­photos-ak-ash3/1537972_10152518046969126­_1708690297_o.jpg

    got my final safety tech inspection tomorrow, so fingers crossed i can hit the track next week and aim for 9.xx n/a.

  • can i mention that a friend has a car for sale, in this thread?

  • Go for it.

  • a friend of a friend has a alfa romeo 145 1.6 (but he has a 2L engine fitted). full leather interior. electric windows and sunroof. not been used for the last couple of years but has been regularily started and driven backward and forward to ensure that brakes hadnt seized. approx ten years old.
    he says that it needs approx £250 being spent on it to get it through the mot. i am guessing that if your mechanically minded that getting it back on the road price would be a fraction. it has always been insured as a 1.6
    glavanised body so no rust. it seems like alot of car for the price but i am no expert. dark green. black interior. it does have the occasional scratch but i think it is very smart looking. can be viewed in london se14.

    asking £200.00

    i was interested but its a bit too modern sporty for me. he's a sincere person and is currently working on my motorcycle.

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  • By the time you've put that through an MoT and taxed it you may as well have bought one that had 2 litre spec suspension and brakes to go with the engine, all it's tail lamps and mirrors intact, had not been reversed into a lamp post, had MoT and tax, a service history, and was not held together with string.

    Break it for parts. Convert the seats to office chairs.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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