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  • THAT fork is crazy good looking on that quantum race!! also love all those black campa bits & pieces. congrats! :P

  • Gorgeous!!

    If you ever are letting the quantum pro go please let me know!

  • @vxchtx

    Nice bikes - I also have a treasured Q Pro.

    What are those speakers btw?

  • thanks :-) we'll see what the future brings. if i ever sell it I'll let you know ;-)

  • thanks man! do you have the same Q Pro or the later carbon versions?

    the speakers are Grundig Fine Arts Model Two. German built transmission-line speakers from the late 80s - early 90s. they sound really good!

  • I positively lusted over a Quantum Pro years ago. Good to see some lovely examples.

  • thank you! the Quantum Pro actually was a gift from my stepdad, which got me into cycling 2-3 years ago. the Quantum Race was a lucky find I stumbled upon in my hometown area. :-) the owner told me that it has originally been bought in Switzerland.

  • @vxchtx

    Mines a later one with carbon forks which Klein buffs really don't like.
    It rides so nice though and a conversation starter whenever I ride it.

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  • that is also a stunning colorway ! what size is it? looks like a 55.

  • 57.5 top tube and seat tube.

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  • wow looks sick! the wheels are perfect for that build! the sizing keeps confusing me with these kein. did you measure the 57.5 center-center or center-top? I measured mine 56 center-center (sticker size 57)

  • Centre to centre usually. I brought the bike from the LFGSS resident Klein expert @adroit and he gave me this measurement so I'm guessing that's official ;)

    I also have a (recently pimped) Klein attitude which I brought for the Mrs.
    Honest :)

    PS: Boss speakers!

  • alright. seems I should take the measurements again just to be sure :-)

    nice! I don't dabble in mountainbiking but for sure the Klein attitude is a beautiful bike. care to share a picture?

  • When it comes out of winter storage :thumb:

  • Out for spring:

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  • yea. thats a sweeet ride !

  • Is top tube wider than down tube?

  • Pretty sure they are the same gauge

  • She's finally done.

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  • ...pictures following

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  • ...

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  • Both lovely bikes!

  • Very beautiful. Very nicely put together.

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Klein Bikes

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