Anyone here into hardcore/punk?

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  • Shameless self promotion: my band just released a new EP, our first with our new vocalist. Free download from our bandcamp here

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  • just saw mikee's post about your shirts! nice one dude i'll listen this week

  • Cheers! Mikee smashed it as always.

  • Really good

  • Holy Shit!!!!! Right up my strasse!

  • Thanks a lot! I'm glad people are in to it!

  • saw cady on lars's instagram, sounds awesome dude. i'm so jealous of cmar garden party! are you all barefoot?!

  • I'm interested to know what people are listening to these days... haven't been to gig for a while now and kinda fallen out of touch with new bands.

  • Thanks a lot! I had horrible sun stroke combined with a gross hangover so had to play with a bucket next to the drum kit because I hadn't stopped throwing up for hours. I still had a really good time though. CMAR is so special, there's nowhere else that the DIY community feels so important. Next year will be the 20th anniversary and the final one which is gutting!
    I was wearing shoes because I can't drum barefoot but I think everyone else was barefoot!

  • Crowning and Swallows Nest both sounded great at CMAR, as did Ryloth. If you're into emo/screamo stuff at all you can't really go wrong just going on the Middle Man records bandcamp page and choosing something at random. It's Shawn from Coma Regalia's label and almost everything they put out is great.

  • I went to see Birds in Row last week - possibly a little too screamy/noisey-hardcore for the hardcore/punk thread but a great band if you're into punk-derived music in general.

  • Anyone seen Bad Breeding live? Heard one on 6Music recently.

  • Saw Rolo Tomassi last night, fucking fantastic

  • Anyone interested in 4 free tickets to see Ministry at Shepherds Bush on Saturday? I only had to pay booking fee but the general vibe is none of us are going to go (a donation would be appreciated of course)

  • Just checked this thread for the first time and really into this.

    Been out of the scene since i moved to London but got the urge to go to some shouty gigs after seeing Slaves to Sirens (all women Lebanese thrash/death metal band) at Glasto. Any one have recommendations for venues etc?

  • Was that with Gojira? RT are pals of mine, I'm so proud of how well they're doing! Me and my girlfriend are off to Fluff fest at the end of July and heading out to Prague a couple of days early to see them at 007. They're always great live!

  • Thanks a lot!
    I don't live in London so definitely not an expert but I've been to shows at The Windmill in Brixton and The Birds Nest in Deptford recently for shows. DIY Space For London always has cool stuff on as well.

  • it was yeah but i (shamefully) left straight after Rolo, not a big fan of Gojira and sunday night etc.

    Been a huge fan for a long time but they absolutely nailed the most recent album for sure

  • I'd have done the same, ha ha. I used to drive all of Rolo's European tours for a few years but haven't seen them in ages. Looking forward to getting to again!

  • Also, this split is great.­album/crowning-swallows-nest-split

    The more metallic end of screamo with some slightly sludgy bits.

  • Yea I used to be into them in a big way a few years ago, I loved their first album in fact but not too keen on the newest one.

  • Thanks for the recommendations guys... I'm into stuff like American Nightmare, Loma Prieta, Mind Eraser, Cursed, Baptists, Magrudergrind and on the other end of the scale, Cave In, Texas in the Reason, The Movielife etc... diggin Crowning a lot @ltc

  • What era of Loma Prieta are you in to? If you're into the earlier, more chaotic stuff you might like some stuff like Louis Cypher, Republic of Dreams, Cassus, Drei Affen and Amygdala. Also, if you're not already familiar with Beau Navire they're worth checking out, they share members with Loma Prieta (or maybe ex members, I'm not too sure).
    Maybe check out Cloud Rat and ACxDC for the more grindy stuff and Svffer and Resurrectionists for fast, heavy stuff.

  • Fuck, coming up with those recommendations and struggling to fit in a few current bands made me realise that I'm pretty out of the loop! Maybe I'll have to reactivate my Facebook account, that's where I used to find most new music.

  • Actually, does anyone have suggestions for blogs etc to check out?

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Anyone here into hardcore/punk?

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