Anyone here into hardcore/punk?

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  • ^^^^ Nice, liking that a lot

  • Aha the video is crazy

  • Rabid, angry and hungry, thats how we like it.

  • Fuck, I was posting in the wrong thread

  • If you're into screamo and didn't manage to get tickets to Miss The Stars in the 8 seconds it took to sell out, Cry Me A River is always loads and loads of fun. Absolutely tiny festival in the middle of nowhere, loads of great friends, no dickheads, buy 100 beers for less than €20 in the supermarket round the corner and run by a guy who's been in some of the best screamo bands of all time. Such as Republic Of Dreams, Tristan Tzara, Louis Cypher, Ressurectionists etc.

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  • i'm hoping to get to miss the stars still, otherwise yes cmar! i haven't been for maybe 5 years but hey the lineup never really changes, right?

    miss the stars is the same weekend as moloch in London so that's always a nice back up. and then moloch and thou in July!

  • Yeah there's the same core of bands every year! It's the first time Coma Regalia have played though. My band Cady toured with them last time they were in Europe and they were amazing. Niboowin will probably be great as well, members of Old Soul.

  • Moloch are so good as well. Not sure I could take Moloch/Thou back to back sets though. Too much sludge.

  • Been listening to a looad of turnstile recently. Had written them off earlier in life (more into punk than hardcore) but they're actually great

  • they both played in 2011! it was fantastic/disgusting.

    i may have met you at some point then - i dropped off the radar but until about 2014/15 put out records and put on shows. when i saw lytic and lord snow were playing in Berlin in May i thought.... maybe i should start putting on shows in London again...

    never been into turnstile but will always take a recommendation. today has been only good clean fun and hassan i sabbah (which i only started listening to recently somehow and is amazing)

  • went to see Baptists earlier this week- raging stadium-crust a la Tragedy/Cursed with a definite Euro flavour (despite being Canadian). Absolutely phenomenal drummer who was also in the headlining band so played 2 sets b2b

  • I’ll see you at Moloch/Thou :)

  • Possibly! Did you put shows on/records out under a particular name? It seems like there's a real lack of people putting on DIY screamo etc in London at the minute so somebody needs to get on it!

  • i made it to miss the stars with morrow and it was awesome. i sadly missed lord snow and republic of dreams (who i've seen before but are excellent), but caught khayembii communique. fluoride and aurole of ash are playing in london this week:


    it was under win htein records. i'm thinking to put on a 2 dayer (or perhaps just an alldayer) at DIY space in november.... hmmm........

    @Gregory, thanks for the Baptists recommendation!

  • Republic of Dreams are excellent, pretty much every band Lars has done has been unbelievable, the Battle of Wolf 359/ Resurrectionists split is one of my favourite records ever.
    That lineup is so good! I'm currently wearing my Savage Realm long sleeve. I'm putting on the Leeds show of the AOA/Fluoride tour. I'm actually on tour with another band for the whole thing so will sadly miss it.

  • yes! lars is da man. react with protest, adagio830 and alerta antifascista are like the triple threat of a+ record releases. germany knocks it out the park. (i think dog knights has also moved to germany too no?)

  • Yeah Darren Dog Knights lives in Leipzig now! If you're not aware already check out Adorno Records. A friend of mine from Derby putting out loads of good screamo and emo violence stuff from all over the world.

  • Speaking of...

    Really hope I’ll be able to attend it.

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    This record is amazing. Gutted I didn't get to see them when they were in Europe with Lord Snow.

  • i'm not the biggest fan! i think i'd enjoy them live, but the record didn't do much for me. thanks for the adorno recc, it's mad, so much stuff.

    i got this in the mail today from heaven in her arms and 2009 me is living the dream:

  • A Heaven In Her Arms windbreaker is so 2009, very sick.

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Anyone here into hardcore/punk?

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