Helicoils to repair stripped pedal threads

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  • dead thread revial time: pun intended.

    Any one had any moar luck with this issue? stripped out the LH pedal thread on the way to the G-ride last friday. Old campy strada so bit of a clusterfork really. too fat obvs. :-(

    these are cheaper than helicoils and come for left and right pedals.


    just need to ream/drill out hole to about 15.5mm screw the correct bush (left or right) onto your pedal and then screw the pedal into the new hole (it'll cut new thead)


    If you need to get both reamer and bushing get them from here


    scroll down to "230 pedal bushes" & "229 pedal repair reamer"

  • ^^^^ wow, £4 a pair!

    At work I had a stripped out crank arm (stripped from removing chemically seized in pedals) and were considering putting a heli coil in.... in the machine catalogue because cycle stuff is funny sizes compared to normal stuff, a single coil was something daft like £22+vat so junked the cranks. Damn!

  • 790 smashing post. Brill use of the forum, thanks.

  • cheers col, appreciated :)

    sorry for delay, didn't see this till now.

  • I stripped tread on left non drive crank on my almost new CAAD10. Pedal fell off with me when I was out of saddle, very painful hehe. Not sure how did I manage to do that, only changed pedals twice and screw it in by hand at the begging as per Parker tools website advice.

    The cranks are FSA SLK carbon. What should I do, is it possible to drill and thread in insert like mentioned above? Not sure if aluminium part in crank big enough to drill bigger hole? If yes could you guys recommend shop or mechanic, if not can I buy just left arm somewhere?
    Many thanks for advice.

  • Bin. Sorted.

  • If you have a helicoil spare, you may as well try it, but I suspect there's not enough metal there. Also, you'll likely have to trim the helicoil down to fit. More of a PITA than its worth really.

  • Balls, bad news. Was hoping for repair
    Is it possible to buy just left crank arm from somewhere?

  • I have a pair of Record carbon cranks that have a helicoil. I got them on ebay for almost nothing - the guy claimed to have done 1000's of km on his turbo on them. I've used them on my fixed wheel bike (no rear brake) for about three years without issue, and I've just put them on my road bike and feel confident in them.

    I've no idea how you do it, and you have to be a bit careful screwing / unscrewing the pedal (sometimes the 'wrong' thread undoes) but it's definitely doable.

  • I've no idea how you do it, and you have to be a bit careful screwing / unscrewing the pedal (sometimes the 'wrong' thread undoes)

    Does anyone know if this means it's fucked btw?!

  • I'd be happier using a time sert over a helicoil but the cost of the kit doesn't really make the repair cost effective.

  • I need some 9/16 x 20tpi UNC reverse threaded inserts/ helicoils/ whatever. Does anyone have a current source of these, i'm having no luck on the bay or via the two previous links?

  • yeah i got thread cutters L hand.it was a ball's and should have gone for the size down so be interesting where from.

  • I've just bought a left and right hand tap and inserts from Ceeway as recommended by 790. looks like i'm doing this myself! i've got an old spare crank to test on first, so all should be good in restoring these ol Campy Pitas after all.

  • It very simple. I-ride sell the cyclus tools. All shops shoudl have a set along with the helicoil. I certainly do but a hell of long way from london. The cutter destroys what left of the old thread and cuts a larger diamater one. The bush then scres in loctite it in place and it is as good as new again.

  • I agree all shops should have a set, but it seems none do anymore and most are reluctant to even suggest the fix rather than a replacement, unfortunately. I could only find the tool in Ceeways and nowhere else, including I-ride who must have discontinued the Cyclus version.
    The tool i purchased does work as you describe, but an actual full threaded insert screws in with new the new 9/16th thread on the inside of it, rather than the helicoil. It's working well so far and the equipment now resides at the Hackney Peddlar, but if anyone wants the details of the only person in there with the experience and willingness to do the repair, pm me and i'll send you the number you need to organise it.
    Will let you know if it fails, but in all rational sense it should be as strong as the original thread, as it's principally the same thing with re-enforcement.

  • I'm stoked!

  • VAR do a kit for this with two reamer/threaders (L & R) and a few steel inserts. Obtainable from Whiskers/ Wiskas (sp?). not sure if they do retail

  • @Brazelephantman
    Any news on this? I just found a crankset really worth saving (first gen C-Record Campy, knackered left pedal threads).

  • If you want these tools give me a call i can get them having accounts with all the relevant wholesalers.

  • Dredge.. I've got a Campagnolo record track crank with stripped / fouled threads. Is it going to be expensive buying the necessary parts and tools to fix it or is there a bike shop (preferably in SE london) that people have found willing to do the repair?

  • Highpath Engineering repaired striped pedal thread on my carbon crank with great success. Not in London tho and not cheap as you pay for work and postage, but cranks was saved from bin.

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Helicoils to repair stripped pedal threads

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