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  • Didnt know zoe ball was on 1.3 million

  • Christ. What a pile of shit.

  • Liked Craig Charles doing the afternoon show, he was a breath of fresh air when he replaced Lemacq during lockdown..

  • I'd welcome more Huey Morgan during the week if that was an option, my favourite bit is his blatant ' here's something from the playlist' to excuse the fact that he definitely isn't playing it by choice. Craig Charles is good though, could be a lot worse.

  • I can’t get past Morgan’s continuous Noo Yoick schtick, it just grates after about 20 minutes. Plus I’m a not a big fan of the music he likes, tbh.
    I’m not into soul or funk either so I couldn’t listen to CC of a Saturday either. Plus my ex worked with him and described him as “really fucking creepy”. Personally I’d liked to have seen Ravenscroft and Hawkins given daytime slots.

  • Don Letts & Gid Coe on 8 hr alternating shifts with CC would make 6music great again.

  • ^ might burn them out though. Maybe add Tom Robinson back in so it's 6hr stints tops.

  • really fucking creepy

    Ha, yeah - A guy I occasionally djed with in Bristol was a ‘proper’ DJ who had done some gigs with him a few times. He said similar stuff. Described him as a sweating, coked-up creep who relied heavily on the music knowledge of others. Not sure how much was hyperbole of course, but it seems to chime with common opinion of him.

  • ^ Cerys & Nemone would bring shifts to 4hrs.

  • I'd have Cerys, Ravenscroft and Hobbs if they'd just play the music and shut up. Some of the most annoying voices in radio history. Actually, not so much Cerys - she plays some painful shite when she's trying to be cool. More Iggy then.

  • I really, really despise that Wet Leg track, it irritates the fook out of me in a way that very few songs have ever achieved before.

  • After listening all day today i see the greys pitching for the radio 1 audience judging by the trailers that now run for that station between wall to wall Amy .

  • Im really enjoying Jamz Supernova's show and would love to hear other young voices on 6music.

  • Yeah I listen to her shows on the sounds app. Nice to hear someone break out of the 1xtra camp.

  • Same - she is unbearable.

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BBC 6 Music

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