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  • Why is it still crap this morning?! Had to switch off

  • Radcliff and Marconi are always dogshit

    thank you.

  • I don't mind R&M; amiable nonsense that I'm happy to have in the background before I've had my coffee.

    Switched to R3 instead this morning - don't mind solemn classical, but wall-to-wall indie dirges are just depressing. I doubt the 6M demographic is ardent royalists; I can see why you might not be playing 'Highway to Hell' etc, but to change the whole playlist? Guessing that's a central diktat from the new DG and his culture war Tory mates.

  • At times likes this what the hell, I'm prepared to be controversial. I like Radcliffe. Not so much Macaroni but he serves a purpose.

  • Today is total shite though.

  • I know Radcliffe is a tit but I fond memories of the odd joke he and Marc Riley did in about 2003 so I get defensive when people slag him off. Much like I would if someone slated my dad.

  • Totally. I remember when they were on Radio 1, forced to play so much absolute cack on the main list. Letting some shite by Blue or Steps or whatever fade out then loudly proclaiming "Rubbish......... I said to her the rubbish bins go out on Tuesday not Wednesday.... '

  • Same here. First heard him on "Out on Blue Six" in the early nineties.....

  • One Man and his Frog was brilliant.

  • How long is the MOR national griefgasm scheduled for?

  • Well when the queen goes this has set a precedent so we can expect a week of glumness . curtains to be drawn by law eno all over the radio again. Not even had the funeral yet 🤮

  • I do wonder if maybe there will be a bit of a pushback after this. SURELY people can't like it?

  • Not even had the funeral yet

    How can you even think about that at a time like this ?

    awful :(

  • ...yet even so, "BBC One dipped 6% compared with the previous Friday evening"... so does that mean 94% of viewers expecting to see Graham Norton chatting with A list celebs but faced with a tribute to HRH Wotsisface decided to just carry on watching anyway?

  • Seems like Prince Philip took the 6musicbot with him. :(

  • Has this gone back to normal yet? - I ended up on KEXP all day yesterday.

  • No different schedule again .

  • Probably some downbeat Prince remixes

  • Blimey, BBC going full bootlicker

  • Ten mins in and already talking about mental state 🤐

  • They’ve finally given in and turned into absolute radio 90s..

    Lemacq has not had to amend his usual playlist in any way.

  • Ha! That's exactly what I said. They probably didn't even tell him.

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BBC 6 Music

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