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  • Well that was jarring. Grooving to the Jayda G guestmix only to be interrupted by a wartime-esque announcement about Prince Philip and then a rendition of the national anthem.

  • Does anybody know when they'll start playing music again? Or will this be all day?

  • Wtf blah blah blah rewind the 80s day again ! Is gcn off and talking bllx all day !

  • at times like these

  • Yeah, it was a bit flag wavey wasn't it...
    I was enjoying the mix as most of the other stuff they had played this morning was dull. Currently getting my hardbass head on instead:­WuM

  • Its like lenin dying again hours of droning miserable droning sh###.
    I guess the tv is the same !!!’

  • Dunno much about the dead racist guy but I’m into Gideon Coe playing wall to wall minimal modernist compositions.

    Wonder if Iggy is gonna come on at 7 and smash it up with some grime.

  • Surely they could get away with "Lust for Life"?

  • The irony is, I would assume, old Phil would think this John Cale stuff is utter tosh.

  • Steve Lamacq: "What was the last flavour of crisps you ate at a gig? Let us know. And here's Blur, End of a Century"...

  • Better than the time he did:

    Steve Lamacq: "Have you ever drank a glass of water? Was it wet? Was it in a glass? Let us know. And here's PJ Harvey, Down by the water"...

  • Nothing like the station being the pulse of the nation. A good job it wasn't during the live (recorded) festival. 👎

  • It's very odd. It seems I'd totally misread the national sentiment that a privileged misogynistic bigoted racist was a national treasure rather than national embarrassment

  • Its a fucking disgrace that's what it is. People die, life goes on. Are we expected to stop eating and working and shitting and fighting and living. And listening to low quality tired broadcasting on a Saturday morning.

  • Radcliff and Marconi are always dogshit.

  • Only half dogshit today.

  • For some reason (among many other things) the way they refer to bands as “these are...” instead of “this is...” really annoys me. Unless it’s Emerson Lake and Palmer or something, band names are generally singular. A collective noun for several people. You wouldn’t say “those are a flock of geese”.

  • At least Nick from Brighton hasn't just tweeted about some crisps he remembers from his childhood.

  • flock of geese

    Loved their early stuff

  • Our stream cut out just then - thought there was another special announcement. I wonder how long Liz will last.

  • I miss crisps.


  • Missed a trick there. These are a Flock of Seagulls.

  • More droning, guys be miserable and do a crap show . Give the impression you give a ,,,, huey stop smirking and no beasty boys

  • See also ‘Legos’ and ‘vinyls’

  • The new DG is a bootlicking wanker and this is his diktat to appease the Daily Mail reading ‘dEfUnD tHe bBC’ nutcases.

    Source: I used to work at the bbc and know lots of people who still do.

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BBC 6 Music

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