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  • Some songs on that record really were atrocious with abysmal singing and a chronic overdose of twee.

    I tried to correct that with the record after it. Even sent them off to Townhouse Studios for the post-prod. It worked to an extent... the songs that were good songs sounded incredible, but unfortunately Stuart didn't have spine enough to tell some of the band members that they weren't great songwriters. He had the idea that a band was a democracy.

  • I only found out last month that Belle and Sebastian’s ‘Dog on Wheels’ is a complete rip-off of Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood’s ‘Summer Wine’. Like, outrageously so.

    Anyway, I digress. We had been listening to Portuguese Radio Radar, when 6 Music got too much. Bit indie bland, but at least no talking.

  • Wake and Bake with Clay Pigeon on WFMU is a great alternative from about 11am GMT onwards. He uses a lot of sound samples repeatedly which could be annoying to some, but I find it kind of endearing.

  • He uses a lot of sound samples repeatedly which could be annoying to some, but I find it kind of endearing.

    If this was a clue for the "who's on my t-shirt tonight" game, I'd have guessed Manu Chao.

  • I don't normally do 6 Music in the morning, but whoever the DJ is now has been hilarious. It feels like 6th form DJing, so many mistakes, slip-ups, clearly stumbling over his lines. I assume he's just really really tired, but it's very funny.

  • Chris Hawkings?

  • Sounds about right. Nah he's just that bad, also completely humorless. I used to enjoy the awkward Alan Partridge/DJ Dave Clifton -esque interchanges between him and Keavney in the mornings.

  • Yeah I think so... dour voice, show ends at 07:30. Listened since 05:30 because I was up and hey why not... and all I can say is that the whole show gradually went downhill. It was funny... but definitely unintentionally so.

  • Love it. This isn't R6 related but the amateur radio chat has just reminded me of something that sent me into hysterics last week; the Times Red Box politics podcast, which is now just a cut'n'paste from a live internet radio show featured someone, (presumably the presenter, Matt Chorley) doing a massive wet burp in the background during a piece by a co-presenter.

  • Not sure if he’s on then, but the description fits! Constantly stumbling over his words. It’s quite frustrating to listen to but probably wouldn’t be an issue if he wasn’t the dullest man on earth along with it.

  • Yeah I’d second KEXP. Playlisted similar to 6 music in that you can get the same songs coming around. But with the time shift you can listen to the morning show in the Afternoon UK time which is always novel. John Richards gave me a shoutout and a song request once which made me happy so maybe biased in a way.

  • KEXP also has some amazing live performances up on You Tube.

  • KEXP is what I normally listen to.

    I love 6 Music, but mostly for Cerys, Giles, etc... the stuff I wouldn't find in Spotify when it repeats my tastes back to me... but KEXP, it just has a great diversity of shows and a lot of stuff I've not heard before.

  • KEXP also has the benefit of occasional adverts for really local to Seattle stuff that sends me down a google street view rabbit hole of looking at random places in the suburbs which I enjoy.

  • I once sponsored a KEXP fridge handle in one of their fundraising drives. This was years (decades!) ago, but it amused me no end that they had a fridge with my name on the handle.

  • War on drugs kexp live session introduced by Cheryl was pretty good.

  • I used to quite like Fip - we used to have it on in the office at a place I worked years back. No idea what it’s like these days, but it was pretty diverse in those days.

  • Can’t get KEXP to play on Google Home, a reddit post said it’s something to do with a high court ruling and geo fencing 🙄

  • I use their app and cast it.

  • Just got it to work by casting the web player from chrome. Shame voice control / TuneIn doesn't work.

  • Surely a missed opportunity to sponsor the whole room.


    Radio garden app plays it and nova and many jamaican panama new york classic hip hop and even texas traffic police !­re-police-fire/pLwbQSYC

  • Dr Fox isn't even a real Fox

  • Amy Lamé, worst of all 6Music presenters. Not quite sure why she winds me up so much; thankfully I always just switch over to R3 for Jazz Record Requests.

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BBC 6 Music

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