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  • Strong Freak Zone with Stuart Maconie this evening

  • Freak Zone with SM plays some of the best music...and sometimes Gideon Coe.
    So nice to switch on the radio of a sat/sun morning and not have to listen to MAH

  • A world of alternatives to LL.

  • I use that . Reggae on a coventry community station and then over to jamaica or grenada for soca then portland for sonic youth

  • It appears that where ever you are in the world you can always find some AOR :)

  • Cerys Matthews has a circus owner on right now giving a big whitewash spiel about how great circuses are for/to animals. Fuck her sky high.

  • Missed that but usually enjoy her show on a Sunday.

  • Feedback radio 4 this week talks to paul rogers the 6 music head about current changes and mentions cerys .

  • I'm increasingly of the opinion that the recent changes have ruined the station. At least for me.

    I'm tuning in less, but when I do I'm presented with less music I want to listen to and more of the sort of music I can hear on every other channel.

    They had a good niche, but obviously there aren't enough of me and similarly minded listeners out there so they're trying to appeal to a younger/wider audience. But those listeners are already well catered for by the other BBC channels let alone the plethora of commercial stations.

    A bloody shame I feel.

  • really like Lauren laverne’s morning show. More upbeat and feels more contemporary than keaveney’s ever did.
    Liking her stand in huw Stephens this morning a lot too.

  • Used to like LL until she came out with "things are gonna get awesome" on a trailer for her show!

  • Sometimes I turn on 6 music and I have to check I’ve not accidentally put on Heart. Tom Robinson is currently playing ‘in my arms’ by Mylo ffs

    Edit: actually it was Steve Lamacq. Wrong dull old white guy.

  • Yeah but right now it's the Fall, where else can I get that (other than my own copy and the internet)?
    I think I'd I didn't already have a DAB radio I wouldn't buy one.

  • I think that’s what’s annoying about 6 music though. If it was just shit, I wouldnt listen to it at all and it wouldn’t bother me. It’s like a friend who’s usually great company, but every now and again they come out with a dubious opinion on brexit or women drivers and it makes you feel a bit disappointed in them but not enough to sever ties.

  • Shaun K playing Cranes in the Sky by Solange. A prime example. Dirge.

  • Robinson is a far superior dull old white guy to Lamacq.

  • Ha, yeah I’d be inclined to agree. He’s just dull, whereas ‘lammo’ is aggressively tedious.

  • Haha. Couldn't agree more.

  • They need to stop engaging with members of the public. Anyone who thinks that their opinion/story/reminiscences about cassette players, sweets or band tshirts deserves to be heard on the radio is a cunt and not worth the airtime.

  • Agreed. One reason I liked the previous breakfast show under Keaveny was that the speaking to the public lasted about 20 seconds of the show.

  • Peaked with phil jupitus and his mento stuff.

  • That’s basically Lamacqs whole show, though!

  • "You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time."

  • I do like Coe, Riley, Ravenscroft, Hobbs, Robinson, Letts and most of the new music stuff by Laverne.

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BBC 6 Music

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