Bike box or bag?

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  • If you're competent enough to be able to re-index your gears on arrival, then remove the rear dérailleur. They don't take kindly to being hit.

  • Never needed the indexing but rounding the thread is why I avoid removing the rear derailleur like the plague now.

  • THIS. Have purchased an EVOC as flying to the Alps on monday. As an addition, where to people generally get pipe lagging from?

  • Get yourself the road bike adapter! Makes loads of difference.

  • b&q, homebase, local hardware store. Also if you're getting cable ties as well, get the reusable ones, so you can just keep using them over and over, rather than tying, cutting, tying, cutting..

  • Never had a problem with threads or having to re-index when I've taken my rear mech off - but I would advise doing it. And protect your hangar! Maybe even take it off actually. A slight drop could put a bend on it and then you'd be a bit fucked for your holiday.

  • I need to get some spare hangars, well reminded.

  • And brace the fork and rear end too. You can grab the plastic braces that new bikes come with from a bike shop.

  • Now about rounding the threads in the frame . . . . Got spare hangers coming out of my ears in case it bends.

  • Does anyone have the chain cover shown in the pic a few posts up? I've just got an evoc and the road bike adaptor. Don't fancy taking off the RD so any extra padding / protection in that area would be good

  • I think Dammit has it

  • why would you need to re-index the deralieur if you just remove it and let it hang there still wired up?

    I've not done it yet but guessing it would just be better protected if it wasnt attached to the frame or facing the edge of the bag.

  • Because baggage handlers.

    If you can, tape it inside the rear triangle, it's out the way then. You probably won't need too, but having had the indexing messed up on more than one occasion, I'd be prepared. Like a good Boy Scout.

  • I got the chain set cover, it's handy as it isolated the chain from the chainstay, and also covers the bit of the bike that will stain stuff that is packed in with it.

    I would strongly advise getting the road bike frame thing, makes packing the bike up really, really easy. Take the front brake off if you have a big frame as otherwise it's pressed against the side of the bag and can take a hit, otherwise it's fine- I didn't use any pipe lagging/bubble wrap and I left the rear mech in place, just shifted inside the perimeter defined by the edge of the frame-adapter.

  • Do you mean the metal frame that sits at the bottom of the bag, or the thing for the forks?

  • The metal frame that you put the bike on, which takes the place of the thing for the forks.

  • This:

  • How much does it weigh?

  • No idea. The bike, on the stand, packed into the EVOC, with all ancillaries (Di2 charger, torque wrench etc) came to 19kg (holding bag whilst stood on bathroom scales).

    So ~4kg to play with for helmet, shoes, bibs etc before you hit the BA 23kg "suitcase to this line" demarcation.

  • worth noting how massive the evoc bag is - it got my bike to stockholm perfectly and in once piece but was muych bigger than anyone elses bag. 4 evocs would not fit in a people carrier so it was lucky my friends had smaller bags.

  • Have you seen how big a Bike Box Alan is?

  • Too big for the oversized scanner at Venice Marco Polo, I know that much...

  • Just flew back from Biarritz to Standsted. Nabbed a huge cardboard bike box from Decathalon and gaffer taped it up - HUGE. Came in at 18kg, just under ryanairs 20kg limit. All staff friendly and helpful at the departing airport, which made life nicer. Had to be shoved through the scanner at Biarritz.

    No boot prints or damage to box! Saw them loading it carefully (possibly because it's easier than loading a box that big badly).

    Bike needs a service but that's because of 8 days of touring with a racing bike.

  • I'm visiting a friend in Japan and he wants me to take his bike over, whats a good approach for single use/ one way bike transport?
    I wont have much personal luggage so believe i can (Link to airline baggage policy take bike as part of checked baggage. any suggestions? (having never done this any advice would be appriciated)

  • EVOC survived alps trip. Kinda wanted a box for peace of mind. Will definitely be investing in the road bike adapter for my next trip.

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Bike box or bag?

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