Velodromes Worldwide

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  • Holds a cool cyclocross race also.

    Actually a really nice area also. Banks aren’t so steep and it wasn’t that quick a track but was fun before work and free.

  • Depends on the beer. I’d think some will dry into a grippy sticky tar, if old pub floors are anything to go by.

  • Not something I've really had to deal with.

    If the price of the coffee at work is anything to go by then anyone that's ever bought a beer at the velodrome probably did all they could to avoid spilling the slightest drop!

  • I’ve only ever been to two 6 day events on the continent, Ghent and Berlin, but if they’re anything to go by, indoor cycling and beer go hand in hand. In Berlin, there were even people going round the stands selling beer from trays hanging round their necks, cinema usherette style, so the fans wouldn’t even have to get out of their seats and go to one of the many bars.

    Still, now that drop-in sessions at Glasgow are half price, I can spend the money saved on a large mochacino with extra cream!

  • Anyone know anything about the status of the Velodrome at Caird Park in Dundee? Is it rideable? Can one turn up and ride or is there a booking system of some kind.


  • As far as I know it’s rideable.

    It’s a few years since I was there but it’s tarmac so don’t imagine it could have deteriorated much.

    Think it’s turn up and ride but it probably gets used by clubs, youth ones in particular so might be pretty busy at weekends and stuff.

    You know it’s pretty much flat though yeah?

  • Found this fb group, kinda fits this thread:­ysVelodromes/

  • Forum group buy?

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  • That actually looks good value compared with the cost of my bike hook rental at LVVP.

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Velodromes Worldwide

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