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  • Insane!

  • How's their accreditation work?

  • An absolute mess, everything is being run by non cyclist from a government body (job for life and all that). So proper non sense administration accreditation process, the entire process take 6 month, you have to do few session in an old outdoor velodrome far away in new territories.
    Then you can pass another accreditation at the indoor one but...because of a very limited demand, they don't run accreditation session which in the end mean no one can use the velodrome.

    So in the end, a handful of people have the accreditation and they don't deliver any extra. The process is such a mess that even people who want to get it give up very quickly.

    I've been very lucky to get a track pass with my race accreditation from Herne Hill.

  • santino, what about the two outdoor velodromes. is whitehead velodrome free for public use? there is one i've seen on that is kinda rundown, but it looks really cool. does this one still exist? i hope so

    edit. just read the rest of your response. im assuming the old outdoor one you mention is this one.

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  • @sergioflorez

    WHiteHead still exist indeed (didn't hear of any other one) but isn't free at all, that is even much more expensive than the indoor one. Indeed i've been told by some locals that whitehead was privately own and very expensive to rent.

    They organise some events and track pass session there, I think you have to do your 2 first sessions outdoor before you can get indoor.

    But this velodrome is indeed rather bumpy and bad quality from what I've been told. Transport to get there is a nightmare and you need a car, the indoor is very easy to access via the tube.

    Never been myself and it sound like not many people use it any more.

  • Clearing out some paperwork found this print of two velodrome pics. Says "Chiang Mai Thailand" on the back.

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  • @rhb Was racing in chiang rai a week ago and met the trainer of chiang mai velodrome. Very cool guy (expat), I will try to go training there once to test this one out for sure.

  • Ace! Updated pics would be great when you go :) Enjoy!

  • pharoahsanders
    New track near Toronto for the Pan Am games. Sadly it's an hour drive from the city, so after the games end it will sit unused as it's too far away. Seems like a missed opportunity to me.­me-built-for-2015-pan-am-games-hailed-as­-new-home-for-canadian-cycling/

    On the contrary its used nearly every hour of the day. nearly impossible to get a drop in session due to demand. Hell even the accreditation courses are booking many weeks even up to 2 months in advance.


  • Does anybody know what the crack is with Derby? Been trying to book a session for ages, nobody ever seems to answer the phone...

  • Warsaw's derelict steep banked concrete monstrosity

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  • My local velodrome in Perth, Australia. Not too steep but still a lot of fun!

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  • Bordeaux, France. I like to do a session or two on the boards when I go over. The last two times i've had the track to myself.

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  • Going to the Ghent tracks in a couple of weeks - see­413060542464

  • Get in there with a wipper-snipper, strimmer, mower...

  • was at the HK six days yesterday lots if fun.

  • Berlin 6 day in January - Matt Rendell co-opted to fix track surface after a crash.

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  • Any ID on those trainers?

  • No idea but clearly not enough grip as the next moment he slid on his arse back down.

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  • Ha, undibs then in that case!

  • The Bonnac-la-Cote velodrome has been covered in an inflatable roof today, looks pretty cool!­nouvelle-aquitaine/haute-vienne/haute-vi­enne-velodrome-raymond-poulidor-se-pare-­dome-gonflable-1642906.html

    The track itself is only a couple of years old, I need to check it out

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Velodromes Worldwide

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