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  • It can delay the stall angle and increase lift after stall.

    Performance Variations of Leading-Edge Tubercles for Distinct Airfoil Profiles
    which in bike tubes could be easier handling and lower "drag" (cdx) with crosswinds

    but it is also very dependent on the Reynolds number (size /speed of the airfoil) so the bump size and frequency has to be tuned for that.

  • Someone else can repost to anti.

  • Laterally stiff, vertically compliant...

  • I kinda like it.

  • Congrats to Rich for the podium on Sunday @xavierdisley - what's the deal with his disc / deep section front then...?

  • Seems obvious from this angle

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  • I wonder how much they'll "sell" them for. Cheaper or more expensive than the uksi?

  • The Hope enduro carbon bike isn't cheap at all, so I imagine these will be next level.

  • Eye bleedingly expensive, UKSIs were '£25000' for the frame were they not?

  • I'm still waiting for aerodynamic implants, body modifications. I will be moderately happy with aerodynamic bodysuits with some extensions etc.

  • UKSIs were '£25000' for the frame were they not?

    That's not the number I saw. IIRC it was about £94000 +VAT for the frame, and the fork and seat post were extra at similarly eye-watering figures.

  • this bike is plain nice

  • What happened to the UKSI bikes? There must have been quite a few of them but you never see them come up for sale or hit the HHSB scene. Are they still in use, stashed away, destroyed?

  • Some of the sprinters were still on them earlier this year at the Dublin Track Cycling International GP (mouthful ha). And some of the younger academy riders are on them I think. I think the number of them is probably declining each year through crashes or travel. Apparently some of them are from athens era. They said they'd never be up for sale which is a pity imo

  • What happened to the UKSI bikes?

    While we're at it, what happened to the UCI regulations?

  • Anything in particular that contravenes the regulations?
    The 3:1 shape rule is not being followed obviously, but that’s been relaxed?

  • Anything in particular that contravenes the regulations?

    The non-availability of both the UKSI and Cervelo T5 to commercial buyers. Anything used in UCI regulated competition should be either on sale now or within 12 months of first competition use.

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  • We’re going to do a Facebook post on it - basically he was travelling fast enough for it to be worth it (unlike Hayley) and we had him in the tunnel last Thursday to check everything over. The disc weighs absolutely nothing so it’s win win really (or 3rd 3rd, however you want to put it)

    Both Rich and Hayley were delighted with their results, it was a great day for both of them. Rich has been getting worried that his w/kg just weren’t good enough at his weight (72kg) but we had to keep reminding him in the office that he could do a good ride, historically he performs really well on big race days

  • Suspected the disc was mad light. As I was telling all the other armchair / grassy verge experts, if Xav says it's the best choice, he's probably right.

    Didn't realise Hayley was one of yours - what a brilliant result!

  • Hope need to make them commercially viable to recoup their costs. Much cheaper than the UKSI but still wont be cheap.

  • I would have thought British Cycling's budget would be big enough to cover Hope's costs. I guess we'll see soon enough though

  • This chap on Twitter has an interesting question - anyone know how they can get round this one? Forks can’t be wider than 105mm and rear stays can’t exceed 135mm (so can only be slightly wider than the front or rear hub).

    Rear stays could be 135mm, but the fork arms are definitely wider than the hub. 90mm front hub, maybe?­189874824895700992?s=21

  • Those dimensions limits are inside the dropouts, not overall width. Most conventional 100mm OLN forks are at least 120mm overall width

  • The rules talk about extremities :) so that is probably more about hub width

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Aerodynamics / Aerodynamic Cost / Aero parts

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